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Question about "new" marker

When a thread is marked "new" and for example has 20 pages and the first new post is on page 19, it jumps to page 19 when I click the "new" icon. That's correct.

I clicked on the home icon then to get back to the index. The thread was still marked "new" then. I clicked again on the "new" icon and got to the first post on page 20.

Is this correct and wanted behavior?

Re: Question about "new" marker

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Yes, it is correct, you read the posts until page 19, but page 20 still have some posts that you did not read, that's why the "new" indicator is present and the topic is not marked as read.Other software forums are working in this way.
sorry for my bad english


Re: Question about "new" marker

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Thanks, I wasn't sure for a moment.