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?Cant bulk remove spam posts


I have a forum that has been flooded with spam posts. I have banned the user and IP, but I can not seem to mass delete that users posts. If I try and delete the whole board I get an error message that the board contains posts.

Can someone help me to mass the the posts on above link


Re: ?Cant bulk remove spam posts

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If I try and delete the whole topic I get message" Selected board still has posts and/or topics." how can i override this if possible?

Re: ?Cant bulk remove spam posts

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why not delete the spammers account? when you delete an account you have also an option to delete it's post or topics.

After you clean your forum you need to take some measures to avoid spam. Questions and answers related to your forum for members registration usually works fine, or use Recaptha add-on.
sorry for my bad english