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showcase coming soon

I'm probably a couple of months away from a showcase but I wanted to post an update here that I'm still:
  • converting the default template to RDFa using's ontology and sharing it here. (i have most of that done, btw)
  • implementing my asComments feature idea on 50,000+ page webiste
    • I'm auto-generating topics for each page of the website, then cron jobbing it
    • allow commenting on my 50,000+ pages
    • saving comments to each auto-generated topic as replies
    • query the forum's db for replies to include as Comments, Questions & Answers on each of my 50,000+ data-rich, semantic RDFa webpages

Dude I can't wait to get out of the sandbox with this project. I have zero aesthetic distance from it (I'm completely engrossed) but according to the two others whom have seen it they agree, this is disruptive technology.

Btw, I believe I read somewhere here that someone was working on pretty URLs, any update on that project?

Re: showcase coming soon

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Keep us updated and good luck with your project!
sorry for my bad english


Re: showcase coming soon

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Really looking forward to the showcase :D
Squish squish. squish, squish, squish.
Find a bug,
Make a wish.

Re: showcase coming soon

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Nice, will be good to see what you achieve.