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[Theme] Clean

I've been working on my first ElkArte theme and am almost ready to make the PR to have it added to the themes site. It's just designed to be a simple, modern theme that retains the same basic layout as the default theme, but to be more sleek, basic, and well, clean. I will reply here when I've published it.

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Thats awesome ... congratulations on getting your theme to this point.  It looks great.
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Keep up the good work, hope more clean themes come out.

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Congrats and thanks for sharing this with the community.

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Updated to v.1.0.1. Very minor update, but the most important thing is that tooltips are now colored properly. My next release will probably add multiple color themes.

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Looks really good, nice job. 

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I like it, simple and clean, congrats!
sorry for my bad english

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this theme doesn't work on my website

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when i select the theme nothing happens

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it is not a bug, that's how SMF/Elkarte works, check your account  > Look and Layout > Current theme , probably you chose a theme for your account.
and check also: Admin -> Theme Management -> Member Option
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@Miyukie Unfortunately it does look like I made an error with how I set up the theme. The zip file you download contains a folder within the zip file that contains the theme, rather than the theme contents being directly in the zip file. So it should work if, after it's installed, you go into the file system (via FTP or whatever), go into the clean-v.1.1.0 folder, go into the clean-v.1.1.0 folder within that, and move all the contents up into the highest level clean-v.1.1.0 folder, then delete the inner folder. Does that make sense? I'll endeavor to fix it soon.

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In order to manually try this theme in 1.1.6 using the From a Directory technique, I had to make two changes:

Update: removed xml attachment, replaced by link to repos version.
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