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Proof read notification emails

The forum allows users to subscribe to email notifications, so that they get a message when a new topic or reply is posted.

There seem to be weaknesses in the way html mails are generated. Under certain conditions the outgoing email looks very ugly.

Is there any way to proof read or preview the outgoing email before posting (and thereby sending the notification email)?

Re: Proof read notification emails

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Not really, since it takes the content of the post.
My guess it's it could be some particular bbcode breaking something.
If you have some of these ugly emails and you can share them, then we can try to have some more reasoned guesses.
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Re: Proof read notification emails

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This points to one of the examples:

Post about nested BBCode elements

On a lighter note, my most missed BBCode features are in the context of tables, e.g. cell background, colspan, rowspan. But I guess this is then more of a discussion about BBCode in general. I opened this topic here on this board to probably find a path to some kind of "preview email".

Speaking of it, maybe that's an idea. What if we eventually have a "Preview" button, and additionally a "Preview email" button? ;-)


Re: Proof read notification emails

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Another example is the handling of the forums' very own email that went out, if someone replies via email.

This is the original post in the forum:

And this is the result of someone replying via email (two parts, and there is even more of it)