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Database, should I use 2 or 1?

I don't know much about databases, but I could make 2 or have 1 for both forums.
Is there any negative things having 2 forums in one database? Is it better to have them seperated?

I'm thinking of running SMF on one website and ElkArta on the other. Not sure if this is a good idea, but that was an idea so I don't have to choose one over the other. Although getting a good amount of censorship and muting on SMF at the moment, which of cause ruins the experience somewhat. In any case - I was thinking if there was anything bad using the same database.

I think there was something about there was only so and so many stickes one could do with the forum software, although not sure if that would be a database thing or something else that might make that wall.

It's easier to have in one database, but if there is any issues with it - I'll go for 2.

Re: Database, should I use 2 or 1?

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I'd go for 2 databese, but you con also use one database and be sure to use different prefixes for db tables
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Re: Database, should I use 2 or 1?

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Yea I know about the prefixes although I was wondering if there was any wall on something that might then be closer only using 1 compared to 2. Like there was something about only able to make 255 sticky posts in total - would that count for both forums in one database or would they both be able to do 255 or whatever the number was more in the line that I was worried about.


Re: Database, should I use 2 or 1?

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If you use different table prefixes there is nothing to worry about

maybe you are referring to max 255 boards per forum, so you'd have max 255 for each forum installed
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Re: Database, should I use 2 or 1?

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Great to know - thanks. I have installed it in the same database with different prefexis and will hope for the best :)