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Reply to change to locked.

When you locked a subject, it would be nice if the Reply changed to Locked, maybe even with some color.
Like I had no idea the last subject had been locked and wondered why I could not reply.
To have the Reply change to Locked would be very helpful for users who looks for it and finds a Locked button in replacement and is notifies at that very instant. I did see the lock icon outside the subject chat, but it would be nice to have something inside it as well. :)
Always a good idea to be user friendly as long as it is done on a sane level! :)

Re: Reply to change to locked.

Reply #1

Locked topics have a different color in the topic listing, a lock icon and a message the topic is locked.
To me is already too much.
On top of that, it should be a pretty easy css change to change colors (TBH I don't remember the selector), so... Nope.
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