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REST API and Realtime

Hey folks, I'm in doubt about what forum software to use. I like how clean Elk is, but its still missing that benefit of community size the SMF has. Just wanted to ask if Elk got REST API (in core or package i dont care), and real time notifications, like if you have opened topic, it will update replies automatically without reloading.

I did search, and found some rest api gist, but im looking for something with more support if possible

Re: REST API and Realtime

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Sorry. This is just a forum software and there is definitely no real time notifications.

Re: REST API and Realtime

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Well, that's not exactly a REST API you are looking for (well, yes, if there is a rest api behind that would be much simpler, etc.), anyway, no, pages are not updated when new content is posted/created.

It has desktop notifications, so as long as a browser tab is open on the forum, technically you should receive notifications (about things that you can be notified of, like likes, mentions and few other things). Albeit it's an old implementation, so it may have some troubles in certain conditions, I'm not sure.
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Re: REST API and Realtime

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Surprisingly few of the forum packages have live notifications because it's a huge server hog to actually do.

I know Discourse does, for example, but you can't host that on anything less than a VPS with at least 1GB of RAM, ideally 2GB of RAM for any level of users just because of how massive it is.