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Happy birthday

Happy birthday @ahrasis‍ 

Hope it's a great one!

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Happy Birthday !!! 

Re: Happy birthday

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Happy birthday!
sorry for my bad english

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Happy relentless aging day @ahrasis‍  :D

// Deep inside every dilemma lies a solution that involves explosives //

Re: Happy birthday

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Thank you everyone for your wishes; and I wish you all the best in your life too.

I checked in with my family yesterday to spend a short vacation in Impiana KLCC hotel, as here in Malaysia, state to state travels are still restricted, so we just gonna make the best of this.

Thank you again for all the wishes.

Re: Happy birthday

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I had to check in my wayback machine, but its been 25 years since I was last in Kuala Lumpur, the Petronas Towers were not even done.  I can imagine that area is simply amazing.  Glad you got to visit with family, that is awesome.