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Theme Color Editor

@Trekkie101 mentioned that it would be nice if there was some form of theme editor available.

I did some thinking and somewhat threw together something that will work only with ElkArte 2.0.  This is just a demo, more than a bit rough but it allows you to pick colors for many (certainly not all) of the primary areas and see that change on the editor screen.

It breaks the theme down into various areas, such as inputs, menus, backgrounds, etc with the colors that are use in those areas.  The colors shown can be selected to reveal a color change dialog.  Clicking on the title next to the color box will reset that field to the default, helpful when you loose your way.

At the top is a select box so you can choose a variant, Light, beSocial, Darktanion and make your edits.  Note if you swap variants the edits will be reset.  If you want to save your edits, there is a save button in the Preview/Save area.  The file that it creates will be along the lines of custom_light.css you would place that file in your ../css/_light directory and:magic_wand:  new colors applied.  If you go back to edit the theme again, that color file will be used, so your changes will be shown.

You can play with it Here

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I actually cannot believe, from the crude basic idea proposed, you've possibly built the best theme editor for a forum system - to ever exist.

Effectively + simply, any admin can integrate their forum into their site. I am blown away.

Are you thinking of leaving the generator here to iterate it over time, or plug it into the admin panel?

It may be one of the most advanced forum features available. Absolutely incredible and polished.

Re: Theme Color Editor

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Absolutely awesome!
Magician @Spuds :thumbsup:

Re: Theme Color Editor

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Thanks for the compliments !  I still have several things I want to add/tweak

Quote from: Trekkie101 – Are you thinking of leaving the generator here to iterate it over time, or plug it into the admin panel?
Had not given much thought about that.  For the time being It will just be here, only because I'm still working on those css var names. 

As you noted there were a few with the color designation in them vs the usage designation ... items like green_background should be success_background etc.  Since those changes effect the color editor I don't want to release it and have a support mess on my hands!  I think I have most of those fixed now, other than grey_ ones, which do not have a good category ATM.

Once stable, its somewhat like SSI ... its a standalone file, so probably leave in in the root with admin only access and a simple link from the ACP so you can launch it.

One thing I forgot to mention in the opening post, some variants do not support every option, when that happens they will simple be disabled in the interface.  e.g. a flat theme will not have as many gradient options available.

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This is great but I just prefer multiple color EA as default for 2.0. Like the old Dilber MC theme or something similar. From there, this will be more useful.

Re: Theme Color Editor

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I love the idea. I had it on my original forum hosting site. Since a lot of people are just looking to do minor color changes.