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Topic: How to add the 1.1.9 Like button changes to your theme (Read 497 times) previous topic - next topic
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How to add the 1.1.9 Like button changes to your theme

If you are running a custom theme, there is a good chance that the 1.1.9 patch will not be able to update your theme files.  The theme will still work w/o the updates, it will just lack the new functionality.  Below is how you would make the edits to update the like names.

In previous releases the like / unlike button had (3) CSS class names of
Code: [Select]
The problem is ad blockers would strip these out (hiding the button) as they were interpreted as social icons/links.  To work around this the class names were changed from "like" to "react" as follows
Code: [Select]
As such in your custom theme, you should add the new classes (or replace, your choice) with the new names wherever they appear.  For example
Code: (old) [Select]
.like_button:before {
changes to
Code: (new) [Select]
.like_button:before, .reacts_button:before {
There will be several of these in your index.css and possibly some in your color variant file.