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more button

Code: [Select]
		// Maybe they can modify the post (this is the more button)
if ($message['can_modify'] || ($context['can_report_moderator']))
echo '
<li class="listlevel1 subsections" aria-haspopup="true"><a', $message['can_modify'] && !empty($options['use_click_menu']) ? ' href="' . $scripturl . '?action=post;msg=' . $message['id'] . ';topic=' . $context['current_topic'] . '.' . $context['start'] . '"' : '', ' class="linklevel1 post_options">', $txt['post_options'], '</a>';

Is there any reason why the url is added to the "more" button only when the option "click-to-open" is enabled?
And in general: is there any reason why it is added at all?
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Re: more button

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Yeah. It's coz it's handy to be able to use right click > open in new tab on top level bitz. I use it a lot. We talked about this before, and agreed that having the url only with teh clicky menus was good for that extra functionality (even if only some will know about that trick).

It had to go for hover menus, since people would mistakenly click even when the menus were set to hover, and then get the extra page instead of the droppy they really wanted. :)
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