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Feature Discussion / Re: Giphy Support
Last post by radu81 -


TBH I am not a big fan of animated gifs, but I remember when this was added to XF, some of my members were really glad and appreciated this feature, so glad to see it also in Elkarte!
Chit Chat / Re: Any suggestions for film transfer printer
Last post by Steeley -
Color bleeding isn't her only
Quote from: OliviaErin – I have recently bough my printer for my small customized T-shirt business using Procolored coupons code, but the colours are mixing. I am using Procolored R1390/L1800 DTF transfer printer, I have followed all the instructions but still couldn't sort out the problem.

Olivia, ElkARTE has nothing to do with T-Shirts or coloring,,, you might try here...