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Theme development / Re: Is it possible to replicate look created using DARK READER on Elk..
Last post by darrenjcleaver -
Hi Darren. Theme customization is easy. Well, perhaps that's a relative term. There are not settings to accomplish changes. Changes may he made manually in the themes/css folder by creating a file named custom.css, and adding the desired css rules. Anything added to this file will be evaluated last, therefore overriding any corresponding rules in the original css files. This is a nice feature! Subsequent software version updates will not overwrite your customizations as they would if altering the original files.

Obtaining your version is easy. Scroll to the bottom of your forum. You'll see Powered by Elkarte x.x.x, where x.x.x is the version number.

Thanks Bad Monkey ! Great name. Yes the version is Powered by ElkArte 1.1.6 . I would need more understanding how to do this.
*creating a file named custom.css
*adding the desired css rules ( I know nothing really about CSS )

A place to start . Thanks !
Theme development / Re: Is it possible to replicate look created using DARK READER on Elk..
Last post by darrenjcleaver -

Thanks for the reply. I know next to nothing about CSS. Moreover I had a recent issue with some bad script from a source I did not think to question and created XSS-cross-script issue. No I think for now learning how to basically just modify some of the colours in the default theme would be a great place for me to start.

Is it possible I could post the theme script here and get some thoughts on how I might make a couple of small changes mainly just to colours.

Thanks for the help!

Best wises
General ElkArte discussions / Re: Summary of my experience on a program elkarte
Last post by SHANKS -
Let's agree
Visitors and non-users do not need a group.
Ok members where's their group?
How are they without a group? How to add them specific permissions and a certain color?
title user
I do not speak on the knowledge of the member.
We speak at the address below the member as shown in the pictures :

Why do you have to force everyone in the Administrator group to take the same title and cannot be reconciled with the general manager, the deputy general, or the assistant general manager?
If we think about how the site founder dubbed a new member?
General ElkArte discussions / Re: Summary of my experience on a program elkarte
Last post by emanuele -
(I hope that the speech will not be taken as complaining or vilification of the workers on the program)
Sure, no problem.
Hope my answer will not come too harsh.

1- The Control Panel for Items in it is not organized and interfered under to be arranged.
Not sure what you mean.
I guess you mean that you cannot find what you want in the place you think it should be, probably because it was put in a place someone's else logic found it logic to be put in.

2- There is no map of the site to present it to the search engines
Is a site map still a thing nowadays?
Isn't it some sort of old crap page-ranking-era ideology that would help ranking?

3- Sections Links and Topics is not popular. The system of friendly links should be added
I'm not sure how the first sentence is linked to the second, actually I'm not sure what the first sentence means, so I'll answer only to the second: yeah, yeah semantic urls all the way down to the grave and back. [/sarcasm] 2.0 will have them, for the time being there is an addon somewhere, not sure where.
Really, sometimes google made the web a better place, but with all this "SEO" crap made it a sad place.

4- Description of the sections and topics that do not exist and the titles are used for the description and this is a wrong way
Who the heck is still caring about page description?
Not even google I guess.
Anyway, in a topic you don't have anything that resembles a "good" description of a page, so any string of text is good enough and serves its purpose (that is make people that care about description happy to have a description).

5- A group system is not clear and the powers of each group cannot be controlled by example (group of visitors - group of members - group of monitors - group of supervisors - group of prohibitors - group awaiting activation by e-mail - group awaiting activation by management)
Sorry, but on that one I think that you have just not spent enough time learning it and just assumed that the permissions should work the way VB works.
That's not the case. You can do anything with groups in Elk/SMF, you just have to spend some time actually understanding all the ins and outs of the system (that being pretty "flexible" is also pretty complex to grasp at first, especially for people used to other ways of dealing with permissions).
The only thing probably managed differently is:
group awaiting activation by e-mail - group awaiting activation by management
for which there is no "group" (because technically they are not even members yet), but there is a page on which you can see the members waiting activation and the members waiting approval. And since there isn't so much to do with members waiting activation (resend email, delete, approve), a dedicated group doesn't really help much when you have a page on which you can do the same (truth to be said, this page is a little limited and for example you have to send emails or delete only "page by page" rather than all in one go).

6- Special ranks and titles cannot be added and controlled so that special titles can be granted to specific members
You can grant titles to any single user, there is a field "Custom Title" in each profile with which you can give a custom title to any single user of your forum.
True you can only see the "main group" each member belongs to and in case the post-based group.
But... the 90's have long gone, unless... oh, right anime and games forums. Okay, never mind I had to deal with this too, no problem. :D
Actually, I wrote this one:
TBH I'm not sure if it still work with 1.1, it should though, I don't remember any change that could break it... I think.

7- There is no additional page system
Yes, there are addon for that.

By and good luck you too!
General ElkArte discussions / Re: Summary of my experience on a program elkarte
Last post by SHANKS -
The Moderator group is a special group for local board moderators only and can't be deleted.
Special groups are guests, admins, board moderators.

Only the Administrators group is supposed to be deleted
The rest of the groups can be deleted and new groups built upon the wish of the site owner
Not according to the programmer
Each location is different from the other in need