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Bug Reports / Creating a new board without description
Last post by radu81 -
I just noticed when creating a new board without a description I get this as default description:

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<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" "[url=][/url]">

<?xml encoding="UTF-8">

Editing the board and adding a description solves the problem.

Maybe I should open a new topic for this, but I'll post it here since it's reated to board description.
If I do a "View page source" from my browser I noticed that the meta title and meta description are the same. This is happening on 1.1.9 and not on 2.0 dev version.
Addons / Re: [ADDON] Levertine Gallery
Last post by Burke Knight -

When viewing on mobile, the image shows very small. I think I found the fix in main.css

Code: (Find) [Select]
/* This one does 1024 screens at default font size. */
@media screen and (max-width: 64em) {
/* move prev next navigation to below item */
.main_item_container .lg_prev, .main_item_container .lg_next {
display: none;

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	.main_item_container {
max-width: 100%;
display: flex;
Addons / Re: [ADDON] Levertine Gallery
Last post by Spuds -
I found at least a bug ....

The issue was with gif files (and probably certain other image types) you can see that in the picture you attached, it had a problem starting at the first gif.  What happened is a "check" event was triggering twice on the same file then trying to queue it twice and causing an error.

Lets try the attached on and see what we get this time.

ETA: 1.2.0 Package released
Addons / Re: [ADDON] Levertine Gallery
Last post by Spuds -
I'll do some more checking on the bulk upload.  In that picture it looks like a handful were never sent. 

TBH I don't think I ever dropped 30 items at once  :grin: