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Chit Chat / Re: Stress relief
Last post by Spuds -
Quote from: Steeley – I like your work.. is that wall the steps go down along actual brick, or brick-faced concrete? (And that's a hell of a flower pot!)
Thanks .... That wall is a brick wall, then air gap, then in that area its foundation block and then gravel fill.  The steps are not attached to the brick, they are on earth pads.   The steps are 4' wide with (4) stringers.  Yup the flower pot is a big one!  It holds all the cooking herbs and various salad greens.  The center is a composting tube the you put your scraps in to decompose which in turn feeds the rest of the container.

I have to say that is one heck of a deck you have there, very nice!  Adding in all those stairs would make me mental.  Love the look of the epay, I cant afford that but like to look at it :D  Say with an epay deck why are you looking for cedar scraps :D

I was going to replace the PT deck boards on my deck until I priced various other options, and then decided, hey this PT looks nice.  Not really shown in the pictures, but next to the deck is an enclosed/screened in area which is where we hang out, you can see that area above the steps.

I think I fixed all of the code issues, there are no more posts that look like this: 20230505_142607.jpg That is craftsmanship ... poorly notched (and any notching is not allowed to start with), and then held in place with 3 deck screws, not structural screws, but good old snap when they fail deck screws .. brilliant:bulb:
Site Feedback / Re: Knock knock!
Last post by Steeley -
Quote from: Brado – Hello everyone! Been a long time since I've been here. And mostly that is because I was locked out of my account. haha I had setup an authenticator and then lost access to that after a phone change. As well I also stopped using my old domain which I assume my old account is still using the old email since I couldn't use the lost password.

Hope you're not into bitcoin... (at least you can drill into a safe if you lose the combination)  :tongue:
Chit Chat / Re: Reply by Email - filters/parsers & notifications
Last post by rjm -
Quote from: Spuds – 2) If you are not seeing the text, then in notifications you do not have send the body of the message selected. (per user setting)
I believe there is some misunderstanding. The option to include message body sending is set to on.
What I get is:

QuoteA reply has been posted to a topic you are watching by xxx.
View the reply at:
Unsubscribe to this topic by using this link:;sa=unsubscribe;token=2_owXH53Oe6qzFJWjFF9v9seonh3L3TkyuAsqVfNqcIPIqVEilSn5JC_topic_3_1687732810
The text of the reply is shown below:
one more test

Regarding md-support in v2.0 (and already in 1.x from mail: cool.

What I wish is the body just below the op of the message. It seems that v2.0 does exactly that.
Chit Chat / Re: Stress relief
Last post by Steeley -
Oh yea... as @radu81 noted with "old houses", I had one that developed a leaky hose-bib, had to replace it, but when I tried to unscrew it from the galvanized pipe, the pipe broke off in the wall... trying to remove that one, the next fixture cracked - long story told short, a 20 minute fix turned into a 3 week repipe of the whole house in copper..

I like your work.. is that wall the steps go down along actual brick, or brick-faced concrete? (And that's a hell of a flower pot!)

Here's my back deck now - I don't have any "before" pictures, but it was originally a 12x10 2nd story deck with stairs going down to dirt - The house is a 'daylight rambler" -aka "walkout basement" - and the garage grade is half-way between the 1st and 2nd floors of the house. Due to ground hydraulics (another story - the land is glacial till and the property is right on the fall line, I think the original stream bed flowed right between where the garage and house is now),  the deck had slowly settled and tilted away from the house at about 15 degrees, and was yet another crappy redwood construction.  (Cheech and Chong, uh....yea mon..) Upside, my septic system, sitting right in the middle of that fall line flow, works fine - don't know how that's working out for the folks down hill from me however, but that's their problem. Their gardens seem to flourish though.

Anyway, it was time for another [no-permit required] "repair".

landing-deck.jpg   epay-landing2.jpg
epay-landing.jpg   epay-landing3.jpg

First, I had to build a concrete block retaining wall between the house and garage so the fill dirt would stay put, and give me a solid platform for a landing, then went to work on the deck...

Replaced the concrete block post supports and a little back-door step pad that was no longer in contact with the dirt below, with a 10x50 poured concrete patio (4" thick, 1/2" rebar 12" on 12" with a 8" footer - it's not going anywhere), replaced the redwood-slat 12 x10 deck with a "slightly bigger" 12x 50 sealed deck, built the stairs and landing on top of the retaining wall, with stainless-steel biscuit-joined epay.
BTW, the deck is not connected to the house by a header board, but directly to the house framing joists.. (a code no-no, I'm told), but if it ever comes down it's got to bring the whole second story with it so I'm not exactly worried about it..  (which reminds me - again - I have to 'earthquake-strap' the main  4x8 support joist. In a good shaker it could "roll out" from under the deck).

Oh yea, and the 'California Gutters' on the back of the house had to go too..

I did that the same year (2003) that I did the front porch, and once I was done with both in Oct., I went in for back surgery.. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:  (I wasn't gonna do the surgery before hand, no point doing it again after finishing the work - just have the surgeon fix everything at once..)

For the record - I was kinda under the gun, the area was unincorporated county when I bought the house, but became a city in 1999, and I was closely tied in with some folks on the city council and learned they were slated to have their building codes finalized by 2004. So there was a 5-year gap of, shall we say, "lax" code enforcement - the county no longer had jurisdiction or interest and the city wasn't completely up to speed yet. Work completed in 2003, in 2004 I learned that with the patio, house and garage foundation, paved driveway (which I did the year we moved in), etc  I was way over the limit of allowed impervious surface for my lot,  and of course there was no record of any code inspections on the 'new construction,' ('er, 'repairs') but.. since it was all pre-2004 code adoption construction, I was "grandfathered".  :grin:  (Woo Hoo!)  :partying_face: 
I just can't add any more..  When I put in a 10x20 steel shed in the back yard about 6 years ago I had to build a raised platform for it to sit on. (No permit required for that either, that way..)

Oh, and if you have a sharp eye, you'll notice the stairs, which are 36" wide, have no "center span support" yet another code no-no. But that's another cool thing about epay, it's so hard and dense, that a 36" 1x4 takes more than 700 lbs to snap - so with 3 ea 1x4's per 'step' it will easily hold more than 2100 lbs. per step. I'm 6'6"and weigh about 250lbs and even after 20 years I can jump on a single step board and it barely flexes.  Anything that could break a step would take out the center-span support too, so it would just be redundant.

It's beautiful wood, can be stained but the stain doesn't absorb into the wood well (and likewise bacteria and critters can't get into it either, so it just doesn't rot). The downside is you'll burn up carbide saw blades in a jiffy with the stuff.. 
Chit Chat / Re: Reply by Email - filters/parsers & notifications
Last post by Spuds -
Parsers find the match and CUT the message at that point, generally intended to cut off the original message

Filters find the match and replace it with some other text.  Normally used to remove things like, Sent from my iPhone, or other cruft.  If using a regex here and you wanted to get multiple lines you would have to use lazy matches and Modifiers  You can practice/test using the site

1) I'm not sure what you are asking.  I don't think the system sends a notifications if you are the poster of a message in a thread you are watching. So if you do a reply by email to a thread you are watching, the system will not send you back the message you just sent. 

2) If you are not seeing the text, then in notifications you do not have send the body of the message selected. (per user setting)

3) Basic markdown support is available for email posting on 1.1 but not for "on line" posts.  2.0 added basic markdown support for "on line" posts. Some examples

~~strike~~ strike
**bold** bold
__bold__ bold
*italic* italic
_italic_ italic
> quote this --> must be at start of a line
Quotequote this
--- for a hr/rule --> must be start of line 

And the last one supported is 
Code: [Select]
`` place your inline code between tic makrs
for code tags  these can occur anywhere you like

Site Feedback / Re: Knock knock!
Last post by Spuds -
I think Gmails from the site are failing (rejected) due to ipv6 authentication issues, I don't remember all the details ATM.

Emma is still around, its the old R/L real job story !  Plus still lazy !  I have not had much time to  work on Elk in the last couple of months, to many summer projects I'm trying to finish:hammer:

I knew your old domain was gone or changed or ?? as your old avatar was served off and stopped working  It was a family business site?

Always tough to "give away" an old account, you could be a poseur:laughing:What is your favorite color ?
Chit Chat / Re: Stress relief
Last post by Spuds -
Quote from: Steeley – gotta look past my motorcycles to see what I mean
Good thing you said that, I did not even notice the deck/steps.  Nice scooters !

I also had my fun with decks this spring/summer as well ... just finished a week or so ago.  It started innocently enough, just replace the hand railing since it was checked and split.  Removed the railing and found the posts were all wobbly.  Looked into that and it was a combination of improper notching, no blocking, wrong lags, and not to code spacing.   It was a Cheech and Chong up in smoke special. QEt1jeu.gif

Welp ended up having to replace the handrails,  rails & balusters,  posts, a couple of deck boards, several stair treads and add in all the under deck blocking so the posts were solid.   Wanted to use smooth cedar and around here that is not stocked,  you have to order and wait for it to arrive.  So a simple paint touch-up turned into a couple of months LOL
Chit Chat / Re: Stress relief
Last post by Steeley -
Well, if you're doing "cabinetry" type work, yea, you do need a "really-good saw[TM]" and a set up something like Spuds has..  I'm more of a framer, I don't insult 'carpenters' by claiming to be one. I've been complimented on my design and engineering, but never on my finish work. (And it's not because of my tools - I typically measure 3 times, cut once,  call it "practice", toss it in the scrap pile, and try again..)   :rolleyes:

I have to ask if you're married, and if so, if your wife is also Italian..  mine is, and there's no way she'd cut me slack for 3 years on a home remodel without making my life miserable...

Edit: Don't know what you can find over in the EU, but I did find my table saw stand (or something really close), available cheap here in the US on Ebay  - apparently Sears/Craftsman made bunches of these if you're interested. At least you know what to look around for..  I think I paid like $5 for mine long ago..
Chit Chat / Re: Stress relief
Last post by radu81 -
Well... Yes I bought a DeWalt table saw and it was an an affair at that time, on amazon and other sites the price was something like 600-700e, even near to 800€, now it's "only" 540€. I paid it less than 400€ (320€ + 20€ shippings IIRC), new item without  warranty, don't ask me why and and how come it was possible... I don't know, I found a 5 minutes old auction published at 01:00 AM, I made an offer, and at 8 AM the seller asked me if I want to cancel my offer since he got other 20 other requests :) An used item on ebay was sold for 480€ + shippings a day before....
Anyway I don't have any fancy project to show for now since I only use it for rough works, there are 3 years since I try to finish to renovate my new house,  probably this year I'll do it, but I guess it's better to stop saying this, there are 3 years since the first time I said "I'll be in for Christmas" :( :( I did a lot of work by myself, but trust me, to renovate a 60 years old house it's not an easy task in Italy. If I could turn back time I would consider a complete demolition and rebuild....
I did consider other cheap alternatives, at that time the cheapest table saw was something like 250€ and trust me, it's impossible to make a perfect 90° cut on those table saws.  I've spent 5-10 minutes on the Dewalt table saw before making my first cut, and after that everything was ready to glue up...