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Support / Re: Is there an add-on for reddit style sub comments/replies?
Last post by emanuele -
A theme [1] could only do a kind of "fake" threads by for example automatically quoting the original message during the quick reply next to the post.
Anything more that that would require, as Arantor pointed out, a database table to keep track of which is the parent post of each post. There is no way around this.
assuming you mean a theme in the "coding related to style" point of view, of course if you mean "themes are php files I can do whatever I want, that's another story
Theme development / Re: 2.0 CSS Updates
Last post by emanuele -
I guess it's normal for this type of changes LOL
Something similar to what Ant was used to do :P

BTW... we could throw the code up here with all the new stuff O:-)
Theme development / Re: 2.0 CSS Updates
Last post by Spuds -
Good :D

The PR will be a mess since I fixed a bunch of small issues "all over the place" so I could test as many functions as I could.  There are so many affected files that I'm not going to do much to sort it, its just going to be one of those blob changes I'm afraid.
Chit Chat / Re: New IRC chat: #elkarte
Last post by emanuele -
Well, chats do have a reason to exist.
If someone doesn't feel the need for one, up to him/her.

If there were more than a couple of developers, having a way to exchange info quickly would not be a sin, but another channel of communication.

@Arantor yeah... like MSN, ICQ, etc. existed in other times. :P
Funny thing is that all these passed by and disappeared, IRC is still around... with different servers, true. Sure, if it could evolve a bit with some useful features that would be great. *shrugs*
Theme development / Re: 2.0 CSS Updates
Last post by Spuds -
Made my way through, a good part of, the RTL file.  Looks like it languished a bit during the 1.1 updates so there was some old crud, some missing selectors, and some structure still in the color files.  Anyway I cleaned up a lot of that and then made the changes needed for the flex/grid updates (both of which at RTL aware).  It still needs some more work but thats for another time.

I put up a quick 2.0 test site at  You can use id test and pw testing

That site has all of the CSS updates.  The goal was to update the structure while maintaining the current look.  Doing that made it easier to see what I broke or improved ;)

The default is hover to open menus, again the in/out delays are done via css, no JS is used. 

You can also use the click menus, either by going to your browsers development panel and enabling mobile view OR going to the profile section look/layout and selecting always use click to open menus.  Using click menus does require the use of JS (all redone), and follows the current experience, where a single click on a top menu will open the submenu (if there is one) clicking it again will follow it.  It also has some keyboard help, such as pressing ESC will close the menu, clicking outside of the menus will close them as well.