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Support / Re: Php 7.2
Last post by Zioclive -
I've looked up the settings.php and at line  40 there was :

$mmessage = 'Cari Hawkfriend stiamo aggiornando alcuni software. Saremo  di nuovo online tra qualche ora.
A presto.';
A presto.';

The second A presto.';  ( see you soon) shouldn't bee there .

Deleted now seems everything is working ok.

Thank you very mach guys for supporting and  helping.

Now moving forward on 7.2...

update: now I'm using php 7.2.7 everything is fine.
Support / Re: Php 7.2
Last post by ahrasis -
I don't its EA problem or error but your own manual settings in Settings.php. Post the lines (10 above and below) here if you want us to help. Hide your database, username, password when sharing its content.

Plus, I think php7.1 will come to end of life this 3rd December, right? So, may be its time to upgrade to php 7.2.
Support / Re: Php 7.2
Last post by tino -
What is on line 40? I would guess something isn’t closed correctly as it works ok for me on 7.1.19
International Support / In-line translations?
Last post by SparWeb -

I am considering using ElkArte as a tool to encourage discussion between different branches of the company where I work.  We have recently been bought by a company in China, and they are eager to set up a knowledge exchange.  We do actually want to help, but flying our personnel overseas is very expensive.

My proposed discussion board would be simple, private only to members, and ideally allow all users to read all posts and menus in their native language (English and Chinese Simplified).  The translation would be accomplished by clicking a button on the menu bar which would translate the page contents.  I expect I would need a google-translate add-on.  I can see the CN-S language pack in ElkArte, but not a translation add-on.

There are signs this is possible in Simple Machines Forum but I'd like to know if ElkArte is an alternative.

Thank you!
Support / Re: Php 7.2
Last post by Zioclive -
Just passed to php 7.1.19 and I've got this error:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'presto' (T_STRING) in /customers/e/6/c/ on line 40

Please help needed
(elkarte 1.1.5)
Chit Chat / Re: 78 guest viewing my forum?
Last post by elk_is_cool -
When I mentioned "how are they getting past Googles Captcha, that was on the Vanilla forum that I replaced with Elk, on the same domain by the way.

Somehow, I was getting 3 or so "signups" a day, and that's with using Captcha.  I don't know how they got past Captcha, unless they were real people spamming the forum. The only way these bots or spammers were being stopped from posting, was when I clicked on the "please confirm your email address" option.  I had a lot of "Unconfirmed members", listed then.

So, since Elk is on the same domain, I think it's doing a better job of rejecting the spam that was plaguing Vanilla, by just showing a guest count.  That's my theory anyway.

I'm going to do like Ahrasis is doing, leave the forum set the way it is.  Like Radu81, I don't notice any load either on my server.
Chit Chat / Re: 78 guest viewing my forum?
Last post by radu81 -
Right now I see: 8 members logged in, 98 guests and 8 spiders on my forum (in the last 15 min). I checked the resource usage and all seems normal, the CPU usage is less than 10-15 %, Ram under 500MB. I guess every shared host can handle this without problems.