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Addons / Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal
Last post by Mattmax -
Third is wrong submenu placement. Search, Help, Calendar etc. buttons are under first menu button (which is for portal home), on SMf it is under Forum button.
Thats just where I put it.  Are you wanting

  • The community button to take to you the boardindex and forum button to take you to the portal?
  • Or are you saying you want the forum button to be placed in front of the community button?
  • Or do you want all of the standard existing community dropdown items to be moved to forum button that the portal adds (and if so why ?)
just trying to understand as I put it as it kind of made sense to me but that does not mean its right :P
I was thinking that best option would be doing it like it's done here.

First is Home button (which would be it SimplePortal case portal Home button) without submenu.
Second is Forum home (board index) with submenu (Search, Help etc).

but maybe it's just me being used to how SMF + SP work together :)

That is how SP+SMF is supposed to work. SP did install a separate Home and Forum button on SMF, to be toggled in different portal modes.

On my elkkarte (1.1.5) and SP (developer-version from github) there a the same Button " Forum" and "Forum". The fist one should be the Home-Button (Portal) an the seceond one the Forum-Button.

I found here this, but I found no way to fix /change it.
I found this
Support / Re: TLS v 1.2
Last post by Spuds -
Good info ... ElkArte currently does not enable a TLS connection over SMTP but something that should be considered for 2.0   I have not used SMTP for mail on my forums so don't really know all the details here.

Support / How do I (Admin) receive direct email from users?
Last post by Robert -
When you go to "Contact Information". There is option to send email.
I  used softaculous to install elkarte. I don't remember if it setup email for Admin elkarte?

I just create a forum test-user account. We can PM each others....But I don't know how to check email?
Support / Member groups
Last post by fritzelly -
How do I get member groups to show up in the post profile - you know the newbie, hero member etc
Had a look around the settings but can't find anything
Support / Re: The upgrader found some old or outdated files.
Last post by emanuele -
Sorry, misread installation instead of upgrade... (I'm working and I couldn't read carefully... :-[ )
Right, the upgrade stops without allowing to continue.
Please open the file "installcore.php" that you find in the install directory, then change:
Code: [Select]
const CURRENT_VERSION = '1.1.4';
Code: [Select]
const CURRENT_VERSION = '1.1.5';

...and to stay on the safe side change also:
Code: [Select]
 * @version 1.1.4
Code: [Select]
 * @version 1.1.5
it should affect the upgrade, but while the file is open, it's easier.
Addons / Re: [ADDON] SimpleSEF
Last post by emanuele -
hmm... I'm not sure TBH.
I have to test it, but for sure it will not be this weekend.
I think it should be safe, but honestly I can't say for sure.