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Chit Chat / Inline Code
Last post by DeadMan -
I'd like to know when the inline code BBC started, and how to get it to work.
Also, when try to quote something that has inline code, it loses the code block.
Exterminated Bugs / Re: Quotes
Last post by Ruth -
Thank you very much, Spuds. :smiley:

I tried your file. It is working almost, if you quote or are editing a post with a quote.
Then you can change to WYSIWYG and can type now in editor.

But if the settings in profile say "use WYSIWYG editor", then it does still not work.
Exterminated Bugs / Re: Quotes
Last post by Spuds -
Split and moved this ...

I was able to reproduce this behavior when I turned off the quick reply option in my profile and enabled wizzy as the default.  At that point when you select quote you go to the full editor and the cursor was stuck in the quote box. 

I think I found the issue deep:pick:inside the editor, and I've attached an updated build for testing.  There was already a function being called to prevent this problem, but there were a couple of issues that caused it to fail.  Anyway just replace the one in themes\default\scripts with this version and give it a test.
Bug Reports / Re: ElkArte 1.1.9 - Possible to change the number of posts in account settings?
Last post by Ruth -
I checked this feature now:

It can get activated or deactivated in ACP abough the custom profile fields.

If it is active, only admins can change the number of posts of members in their account settings, members dont see this field there.

If this feature is activ, the number of posts will be displayed in profile summary and on member list.
if it is not active, then the number of posts will not be displayed there. (This way we have it on our forum normally)

This means, on our forum I could activate it, change the number of posts of all members to an almost correct amount of posts and then deactivate this feature again. This way we could give our members access to the forum stats in future and they also would not wonder about the like stats, which are telling the number of posts as well.

Thats really great.  :smiley: