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Site Feedback / Re: Back On Line
Last post by Spuds -
And still here this AM  :grin:

The error I saw yesterday was OOM on attempting the database connection, so I'm currently assuming the DB process was ended for some reason.  Well at least that is where I'll starting looking in the error logs. 
Site Feedback / Re: Back On Line
Last post by Burke Knight -
I noticed it was giving the 500 error at about noon, central.
Was not sure what was going on, but checked at various times after until it was back and I got a notification about @Spuds liking a post.

As usual, giving it the re"boot" seems to have worked....  :tongue:
Site Feedback / Re: Back On Line
Last post by Steeley -
It apparently started shortly after BurkeKnight posted just before 09:00 zulu,. I was up most of the night on a 'project' and when I checked email at 0-dark-30 I saw the notification and ... discovered EA was crippled..  probably having seizures for half the day before you kicked it in the butt.
I turned in about 6:30 this morning (PST) and when I got up around 10:30 it was still writhing around on the floor until sometime this afternoon whenever you found it.

Now, I'm not saying it's BurkeKnight's fault, but I'm going to blame him anyway..
Site Feedback / Re: Back On Line
Last post by Spuds -
Honestly not sure what happened!

It was a birthday (not mine) today and when I finally was able to set down for the evening, the site was broken:man_shrugging:

The only error I noted was unable to allocate 123XYZ memory. There is not a lot of memory on this instance so I should have done more digging, but with all the sake in me I just made a command decision and did a reboot and all was well :D  Something to keep an eye on.