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Bug Reports / Re: Upgrade to 1.1.5 and getting the maintenance also changing the $maintenance=0
Last post by Auctor Lucan -
I've restore my backup files, removed the db files with prefix backup, paste the new ElkArte Forum files in it but THIS time when I run upgrade.php, everything went smoothly until it reaches "Database Changes" Step, for some reason it stop its work and displayed Continue button and no further process took its place, seems like it halt/paused.
Support / Re: HTTPS for Elkarte?
Last post by gevv -
a strange problem

admin/ server settings/ board url "https:"  ok.

Settings.php   board url "http"

edit Settings.php  problem solved 

thanks everyone
Support / Re: HTTPS for Elkarte?
Last post by gevv -
I always use the same setting;

Upload and resize (requires GD or ImageMagick module), Download avatar at given URL

all user avatars on the my server.

profile page  view avatar url

Code: [Select];attach=9906;type=avatar&time=1543156830

top menu avatar url  (CSS class)

Code: [Select];attach=9906;type=avatar

edit:  delete and reupload the avatar  the problem continues
Support / Re: HTTPS for Elkarte?
Last post by radu81 -
I agree with Spuds, I had the same problem and I corrected manually all avatars. The easyest way to find those avatars is to use the memberlist, if one avatar is loading from http you will not see the green locket in your browser.