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Support / Help! A mod accidentally removed a topic on our board.
Last post by oblivion -
Is there a way to get the topic back?

If Elkarte doesn't have that capability, could you advise on how to recreate the topic from a database backup? We would lose 2 days worth of replies, but the topic has been very active for a couple of months.

Our webhost has a backup from 2 days ago.
Theme development / Re: Folder Icons!!
Last post by darrenjcleaver -
Hi all

Newbie to Elk.

I had a question about folder icons ( if that is the correct term ). I am still learning CSS and my question relates to changing the default folder icons used.

See attached example for a better explanation of what I am wanting to do if possible.

Thanks all :)

Support / [SOLVED] Requesting help for batch import from a mailbox based system
Last post by JPalmer -
I want to report back on the issue ... good news first: it has been resolved!

Here is what I did:
  • Adjusted source code related to mail management, as stated here.
  • Created a new php file in the root folder, following the general pattern of "emailtopic.php".
  • Wired that new file with an email address, piping received email to it.

The code of this new module does not take the content of the trigger email. Instead it is reading the content from file that is structured like mentioned earlier. Obviously I first had to place my mail digest file(s) on the server. The code splits the digest file message by message and uses the system functions to post the topic. At the same time I added code to tweak the content a little, e.g. added header and footer to each message. Also it tricked the posting date, so that the migrated messages can be sorted chronologically by the timestamp of the original posting date.

As mentioned the board is "hard wired" where the message is posted to. Also I did create a virtual user "importer" that served as the source for any migrated topic.

For me that did the job. Just wanted to describe the approach, maybe others get food for thoughts from this. Happy to discuss details!
General ElkArte discussions / Re: Summary of my experience on a program elkarte
Last post by ahrasis -
You can find the devwlopers and contributors on the home page at

There should be a link to official github in there.

You can still make inquiry in here where @emanuele   as the main developer for this software or @Spuds can response.

Others like @radu81 and me are merely assisting where and when we could.

This software is still part of an open source where anybody like you and/your team can venture into and modify things to your likings.

Good luck.

General ElkArte discussions / Re: Summary of my experience on a program elkarte
Last post by SHANKS -
Even a fortune teller can't tell a future. That's being said, read about it here:
Who is the main developer of the elkarte and who can communicate with it?
Is it currently available? Or leave the project?
The program is nice but needs some modification and I am not good at programming php