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Site Feedback / Re: This link is still broke
Last post by radu81 -
That's an old version for Elkarte 1.0, it won't work on 1.1. 
That is an external link, so I'd say the theme is not available anymore and should be deleted from Elkarte Themes.
Support / Re: CSS question
Last post by Darkijah -
You have the newest file around? :)

Og this is not the Social theme, anyone have a color file custom thing for social?
Theme development / Re: 1.1 default theme (Light variant) colors
Last post by Darkijah -
So let me get this straight, we can make CSS Files in themes and change them, and because they are loaded last, it should fix whatever is in them. Is there a specific thing they need to be named as? Or how does it work.
Do I just make an CSS file and put it in the folder or...
Theme development / Re: Theme creation basics
Last post by Darkijah -
Thanks for the info, need more info on theming for sure. I wanna know more about it as well.
Anyone have more info on the subject, just fire away.

Still love the way the Theme Social work with the bar at top! It's smooth and nice and it works great.

Very nice with the info on the CSS, I guess there was 2 themes as far as I remember where it was just an CSS file, which of cause one could begin to look into first and go from there. I was thinking of the same, starting on a low level of chaning colors and such more low level things :)
General ElkArte discussions / Re: Elk Progressive Web App
Last post by badmonkey -
Here is a packaged version of a PWA. This is an early prototype. It lacks refinement for sure. Feel free to ask questions or make suggestions. Your forum must be installed in the root directory. It won't work in a subdirectory. 

The service worker is actually quite robust. It can store pages for offline viewing, including images! Note pages visited are stored in the cache.

This should work on Android with Chrome or FF. It *may* work on ios. I have no means to test or verify. 

Please test and critique. This is my first attempt at a packaged mod. Thanks!

Much customization is possible. Desktop icons may be changed by replacing existing icons in /elk_pwa folder. The filename must remain the same and the image must be a square png image, with sides matching the file name. ex: 144.png must be a 144x144px image. 

The bar color may be changed in PWA.subs.php file in the sources folder. Simply replace the value of $theme_color with a hex color code. Also match it in the manifest.json file as well. 

The description and title may be altered in the manifest.json file in the root folder. 

To use: simply upload the zip to the package manager. Install. It is hook based so no core code alterations. Modify as outlined above as you see fit. Restart php and apache/nginx. Open your device's browser. Empty the cache for your site. Surf your site a few minutes. If everything is working, users should be invited to Add to Home. Now it will behave much like a native app!