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Feature Discussion / Re: Disable bad behavior logging
Last post by Spuds -
Glad you found the toggle, that is **alot** of spider traffic for sure.   I had some issues with traffic a while back and ended up setting up a couple of Nginx connection and request limits which if you exceeded tossed that IP to fail2ban for a short while.  Anyway something to consider looking into, I'd imagine there is something like that for Apache as well.

If you could summarize the main contributors to the log spam that would help, with that many entries there is probably just 1 or 2 things causing the log spam, usually from an addon, you know the drill.

Feature Discussion / Disable bad behavior logging
Last post by kode54 -
Our forum was being knocked down by lots of spiders, now it's being knocked down by the bad behavior module.

The mariadb processlist looks like this:

select count(*) shows there are 275147 entries, and the date of the first entry is from 6 days ago.

E: I see there is a toggle. Good.

Speaking of errors, our error log has over a million entries, after just a month.
General ElkArte discussions / Re: Unsure if it's a bug?
Last post by badmonkey -
I keep checking on this as I really think it has something to do with the attachment resize addon .... I just have not come across the right set of conditions :( ... but it really has to be something in that addon (and why I just want to make it part of the core in 2.0 since it has to kind of "hot wire" the attachment code to work right now.
 Seems you're right! I finally caught this specimen in the error log:

File: /home/www/web3/web/sources/subs/Air_Resize.subs.php

Line: 371
Chit Chat / Re: Hello!
Last post by aradralami -
Thanks for your answers badmonkey and radu81
That's a good idea radu81
Chit Chat / Re: Hello!
Last post by radu81 -
Welcome to elkarte!
I suggest you to install in localhost elkarte and the other forum software, test them then and choose the one that best fits your needs. There is no best software, but one that best fits your needs and we all have different needs ;)
Let us know what you will choose.