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Support / Re: Frequently Asked Questions
Last post by Jason -
6) How do i change the favicon in my theme?

Just go the images folder of your theme and replace the image name "mobile.png" with your favicon image (remember the file name should be same)

7) How to add my custom css code without making changes to the default css file?

Create a file named "custom.css" in the same directory of the index.css of your theme , ElkArte will automatically pick it and use is in addition to the index.css.

Example: In the following path default/css/_besocial/ there should be a file named custom_besocial.css, this one will be picked and used together with index_besocial.css (Credits to emanuele)
Bug Reports / Re: Security bug in SMF present in Elk as well
Last post by emanuele -
Considering this bug, I would squeeze the scope of 1.1.6 to anything that is already there, this one and another security issue reported a while ago that (not terribly important) and anything that can be fixed by... Sunday night I'd say.
That way it should be possible to have a release out by the end of next week.

@ahrasis while reviewing the bugs, did you see anything that could be considered mandatory to have in 1.1.6? (i.e. things that are causing either data loss or big problems)
Addons / Re: [ADDON] GeoIP Location
Last post by badmonkey -
I'm having issues getting this to work with geoip2 on nginx. How should the fastcgi_param be passed? It's probably just a variable naming issue.... ::)