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(08:48:50 PM) Norv: Don't worry, I'll wait to see what TE wants to do. You're not the only one y'know!
ok, here we go :) Just an idea, maybe there's a better solution....
You'd have an array which is easily extendable (related to mod authors) in Settings.php
Code: (Settings.php) [Select]
$dirs['boarddir'] = '/var/www/htdocs/forum';
$dirs['cachedir'] = $dirs['boarddir'] . '/cache';
$dirs['sourcesdir'] = $dirs['boarddir'] . '/sources';
$dirs['controllersdir'] = $dirs['boarddir'] . '/sources/controllers';

In index.php it could be converted to constants.
Code: [Select]
// Load the settings...
require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . '/Settings.php');
foreach($dirs as $key => $value)
$key = strtoupper($key);
define($key, $value);
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(08:48:50 PM) Norv: Don't worry, I'll wait to see what TE wants to do. You're not the only one y'know!
ok, here we go :) Just an idea, maybe there's a better solution....
You'd have an array which is easily extendable (related to mod authors) in Settings.php
Code: (Settings.php) [Select]
$dirs['boarddir'] = '/var/www/htdocs/forum';
$dirs['cachedir'] = $dirs['boarddir'] . '/cache';
$dirs['sourcesdir'] = $dirs['boarddir'] . '/sources';
$dirs['controllersdir'] = $dirs['boarddir'] . '/sources/controllers';

In index.php it could be converted to constants.
Code: [Select]
// Load the settings...
require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . '/Settings.php');
foreach($dirs as $key => $value)
$key = strtoupper($key);
define($key, $value);
So we want extensibility for mods/addons? (not sure) But here the thing is, we cannot have them edit Settings.php, and/or recommend to rely on Settings.php additions - people keep it readonly and that should be the recommended way even for mods/addons installation time... And it's too early in the flow for a hook. (database isn't loaded)

TBH I'm not sure we need extensibility for mods/addons: extensions will do as the core does (well, ideally), and that's a single line of code they need to do: a define. The only advantage I can think of, if they register their path through some mechanism (i.e. install-time updateSettings() or add_integration_hook('path', 'some_path')), is that we can compare it for duplicates... which is unlikely?

Not sure I'm missing something here, coffee timez. :)

IMHO the solution is the way to go, I'm just not sure $dirs is of any use for mods/addons, so might as well define paths directly in Settings.php.
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Someone broke [code] within quotes... O:-)

ETA: ohwait. Rather: right after quick edit, looks like js doesn't run to fix [code]. After refreshing the page it's okay.
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Someone broke [code] within quotes... O:-)

ETA: ohwait. Rather: right after quick edit, looks like js doesn't run to fix [code]. After refreshing the page it's okay.

Yeah the code format thing only runs on page load ... could look to run it after an ajax event as well
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(07:26:28 PM) Norv: :coffee:
(07:27:06 PM) TimeVortex: 0xC0FFEE
(07:27:29 PM) TimeVortex: or 0x7EA

(09:32:35 PM) ***Norv blinks
(09:33:02 PM) Norv: emanuele am I blind or TE's post has disappeared from the IRC thread?
(09:49:18 PM) emanuele: seems so...
(09:49:20 PM) Norv: I need the db...
(09:49:35 PM) emanuele: nothing logged into the moderation log...
(09:49:57 PM) Norv: nor error log
(09:49:59 PM) Norv:
(09:50:32 PM) emanuele: Maybe enable the recycle bin (just in case)
(09:51:16 PM) emanuele: repair errors...
(10:00:37 PM) Norv: yes, repair fix it...
(10:11:54 PM) emanuele: now the funny part! :D

(11:21:28 PM) Norv: what's this?
(11:22:03 PM) ***emanuele haz no idea...

(11:34:10 PM) emanuele: When declaring a function, the function name should have a space after it.
(11:34:12 PM) emanuele: ???
(11:34:57 PM) emanuele: Use ',' concatenation for language constucts
(11:36:12 PM) emanuele: try to avoid concatenation of language strings as much as possible
(11:42:26 PM) Norv: lol... I think the first refers to: function func_name [space] ($params). Though I believe this isn't what we do... lol
(11:42:44 PM) emanuele: nope... :P
(11:43:13 PM) emanuele: well... I started doing it in my mods and from time to time I *may* write something like that in elkarte too... O:)
(11:45:49 PM) Norv: As for the second, I take it as: use sprintf(), avoid 'part' . $var . 'part2'
(11:46:27 PM) emanuele: yep
(11:47:08 PM) Norv: wait, is that a comma?
(11:47:20 PM) emanuele: I was not sure because of the example
(11:47:26 PM) emanuele: what?
(11:47:33 PM) Norv: (11:34:57 PM) emanuele: Use ',' concatenation for language constucts
(11:47:51 PM) emanuele: yes, it looks like a comma

(11:59:00 PM) Spuds: Thats the one where you could get duplicate ids on the script or css files .....
(11:59:21 PM) Spuds: (sorry if that was already answerd)

(01/28/2013 12:02:29 AM) Norv: I can only find num_replies being incorrect... that's not a big deal
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(12:51:27 AM) groundup entered the room.
(12:51:46 AM) Spuds: Run !

(12:59:28 AM) groundup: I need to setup my dev environment for SMF again.
(01:00:20 AM) groundup: I think I might make a VirtualBox image for others to use.
(01:20:21 AM) groundup: Hey, so I am creating this image to share (because I think it would be cool). If you guys were to pick a distro, which would it be? I just went with CentOS because RHEL is pretty standard.
(01:21:07 AM) TimeVortex: Depends, really.
(01:21:20 AM) TimeVortex: Arch on my desktop, but Debian for servers, all the way.
(01:22:31 AM) emanuele: I usually like (open)suse...any real reason, probably because of the green
(01:22:50 AM) groundup: Do you think I should use a GUI version?
(01:23:19 AM) Norv: Debian for desktop and servers.
(01:28:21 AM) TimeVortex: Norv: testing for desktops, at the very least, then :P
(01:30:05 AM) TimeVortex: groundup: for a server? Nope.
(01:30:55 AM) groundup: It is for a development environment. I've come to the realization that dev'ing locally sucks when you're dealing with multiple environments.
(01:31:55 AM) groundup: What I've done for my chat app is setup Netbeans to upload to a local VM on save and then on "play" it opens it in my browser.
(01:32:42 AM) Spuds: You have it all wrong ... ubuntu
(01:33:33 AM) groundup: I think that's what I'll wind up doing, Spuds.
(01:34:31 AM) groundup: Now to download Ubuntu LiveCD (ugh, my internet connection sucks). Luckily I am going to my parents for dinner in a few so I won't have to deal with it
(01:35:34 AM) Norv: Spuds:
(01:35:59 AM) groundup: Ubuntu Server or Desktop? I am thinking server for this application - no need to have a GUI.
(01:36:30 AM) groundup: lol @ Norv.
(01:37:10 AM) Norv: Testing, of course. With some unstable on top.
(01:37:16 AM) Spuds: Only *nix could have nerd levels :D
(01:37:44 AM) groundup: lol
(01:38:45 AM) groundup: Downloading Ubuntu Server. Been a while since I used Debian-style.
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(01:55:31 AM) ***Norv is not sure. It's like the IPs issue... of which I didn't tell you about. I wonder if we can/want to add an option for a 'private' login, for which no IPs are logged for the user. Similarly, perhaps we can exclude from maintainance screens some attachments.
(01:57:09 AM) Spuds: Just seems like something that I see asked for often enough ... we could also add some basic file crypt to pm attachments ... makes the admin open the db, get the key, etc etc if we wanted it more ummm agrivating to get at the file
(01:57:48 AM) Spuds: or even aggravating :D
(01:58:48 AM) Spuds: No IP logging .. now that is crazy talk
(02:06:28 AM) emanuele: time to go, bye!
(02:06:31 AM) Norv: Every now and then, I saw (very rarely) a request for disabling any IP logging, at least for members. The point being particular needs of private forums, whose admins wanted to assure their members they have privacy to the level of no IP tracking.

Should be admin-selectable, not purely user-selectable. Having it pure user-selectable would be asking to be trolled and generally gently caress around with.

Re PM attachments: given the possible legal ramifications, depending on content, I think making admin access to them more difficult is plumbers crack about. IMHO admin access to them should not be crippled in any way.
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Re: PM attachments "legal".
Been thinking about that in the past. I don't think the feature itself is problematic for "legal ramifications". There are no "legal ramifications", really, no more than any site you put at the disposal of people to add personal content to. No more than PMs themselves. The same difficulty of access means the same thing.

Either copyrighted (and not shareable) or illegal/borderline content can be sent through PMs just as well. You only add more formats (i.e. any file, image files).
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True, but in that case you're not actually hosting it on your site. :)

Also, it's generally a bit problematic if you want to prune attachments. If doing any pruning of anything, I'd expect to be able to see the content. Not that this is insurmountable. Just thinking.
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(11:15:28 PM) emanuele: So calm today here around...
(11:15:36 PM) emanuele: :P
(11:21:53 PM) Spuds: Yeah quiet day ...

(11:25:26 PM) Spuds left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving.).
(11:26:00 PM) ***emanuele scared Spuds...
(11:26:22 PM) Norv: It was the Italians part...
(11:26:53 PM) emanuele: yeah, I know we are terrible :P
(11:29:19 PM) Norv: Don't forget he's American. Them just don't get the awesomeness of Europeans. Neither where we are on the map for that matter...
(11:29:32 PM) emanuele: LOL

(11:37:46 PM) Norv: Have you seen ?
(11:38:10 PM) emanuele: I have seen the PR
(11:38:24 PM) emanuele: not looked into the commits (apart from noting SCEditor 1.4.1)

(11:45:21 PM) emanuele: Yesterday, while working on banEdit, I was thinking that one useful thing to do "at some point" is to check all the hooks we have are actually "useful"
(11:47:20 PM) emanuele: I mean: have a hook is fine, but if to "use" the output of that hook you need to edit something else, then the hook is useless
(11:48:14 PM) Norv: yes. Maybe with the occasion of a new API for them. On the other hand, on this, methinks we will get useful information from actual use in practice, after beta/RC.
(11:49:09 PM) emanuele: after RC seems a bit late! :P
(11:49:24 PM) Norv: Heh :D

(11:46:43 PM) Norv:  why did we have an anyway?
(11:48:03 PM) emanuele: I see many "-", it has been removed
(11:49:18 PM) Norv: Dunno why it was there in the first place... :D (
(11:49:28 PM) emanuele: the was added in 142c5325c9fd34eef5da21a59692770e1f267be7
(11:49:59 PM) emanuele: Spuds is trying to fight with us! :D
(11:50:24 PM) emanuele: but a doesn't break anything! :P
(11:51:34 PM) Norv: Yeah, he has no chance.
(11:55:25 PM) Norv: duplicate?
(11:56:40 PM) Norv: There's only one search bar, presumably not necessary on core features page... I probably misunderstand what was meant by 'duplicate'?
(11:58:25 PM) emanuele: no it's fine
(11:58:33 PM) emanuele: look at the profile page
(11:58:46 PM) emanuele: I'm working on it
(11:59:01 PM) emanuele: (at least if what he found is waht I think)
(01/29/2013 12:00:55 AM) emanuele: yes, it's that
(12:01:56 AM) emanuele: when I added admin_search I was supposed to remove the "custom" title bar of many pages not relying on the "common" template, but I noticed only few of them...
(12:03:29 AM) emanuele: that's a good shot in our competition! :P
(12:17:16 AM) Norv: Ahh
(12:19:03 AM) Norv: Can I merge the PR though? I can't replicate (apart from the bar) but it looks like it addresses some of it
(12:21:46 AM) emanuele: me neither...seems to work here
(12:21:51 AM) emanuele: yes, feel free to merge

(12:27:08 AM) emanuele: Oh, question: call_integration_hook should take car of all the $somethingdir we have now? ($boarddir, $librarydir, $sourcedir, $controllerdir, maybe others)
(12:28:23 AM) Norv: It makes sense that it does, even though I think we should recommend to use an addons directory
(12:28:41 AM) emanuele: that was another thing I was considering...
(12:29:19 AM) emanuele: using a directory we could even just ignore any $somethingdir and just append the directory
(12:29:27 AM) emanuele: I mean the path
(12:32:51 AM) Norv: like /addons here?
(12:33:47 AM) emanuele: I think so
(12:33:50 AM) emanuele: :D
(12:38:15 AM) Norv: I was thinking to add it to /sources, but people keep it readonly
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(12:41:10 AM) emanuele: well...the way it is now it cannot be readonly anyway (if you want to install something from the admin panle of course)
(12:43:39 AM) emanuele: I wonder: why template_info_center is a function call and not a layer?
(12:43:40 AM) Norv: if you install a hooks-only addon, in a $boarddir subdirectory, /sources can be readonly
(12:43:53 AM) Norv: no clue
(12:44:16 AM) emanuele: but it makes sense to have a layer there, no?
(12:44:32 AM) emanuele: yes, if you create the directory of course it can
(12:44:34 AM) emanuele: :)
(12:45:54 AM) Norv: it makes sense to me
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(01:24:01 AM) emanuele: I'll fix the header issues and send the commit to elkarte too (my master is a bit messed up), otherwise if you want to cherry-pick it feel free! ;D

(01:25:53 AM) Norv: TimeVortex should know what's with template_info_center(), but he's not telling. He's lost in reddit thingies, meknows.
(01:27:02 AM) TimeVortex: Well, originally it wasn't even a separate function.
(01:27:06 AM) TimeVortex: That's a 2.0 thingy
(01:28:10 AM) TimeVortex: I don't think we ever considered making it a separate layer yet, as that'd require both an _above and _above IIRC.
(01:28:57 AM) emanuele:
(01:29:15 AM) emanuele: I made the stats and newsfader the above
(01:29:23 AM) emanuele: and info center the below
(01:29:27 AM) TimeVortex: Hmm
(01:29:36 AM) TimeVortex: What if you want to reuse the info center on, say, a website?
(01:29:50 AM) emanuele: just call the function :P
(01:30:22 AM) TimeVortex: In SMF you had a function in Subs-BoardIndex.php to init it and template_info_center to show it. Makes more sense, name-wise, imo
(01:30:39 AM) TimeVortex: Calling it boardindex_outer_below invites all sort of other stuff from theme designers.
(01:31:10 AM) emanuele: then two functions? (the layer and the info center?
(01:31:38 AM) TimeVortex: That'd be three, wouldn't it?
(01:31:54 AM) TimeVortex: Unless you fancy putting the news fader in its own function, too.
(01:32:17 AM) TimeVortex: (Personally I'd split it off the news fader into a plugin at some point, anyway.)

(01:32:20 AM) emanuele: we can do almost everything :P
(01:32:39 AM) TimeVortex: Sorry, is this ZomboCom?
(01:32:58 AM) TimeVortex: for those unaware
(01:41:30 AM) Norv: lol @ Zombo
(01:41:38 AM) Norv: Quite true.

(01:33:29 AM) emanuele:
(01:33:36 AM) emanuele: I thought I pushed it to git hub
(01:34:12 AM) TimeVortex: I've been out of the loop, I'm afraid.
(01:34:42 AM) emanuele: that's just the news fader into a layer that appears on any page instead of only boardindex
(01:34:54 AM) emanuele: a mod I wrote a while ago
(01:39:08 AM) emanuele:
(01:40:42 AM) TimeVortex: hurray! :P
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(09:57:46 PM) Norv: Morning :coffee:
(10:45:33 PM) Norv:
(10:47:57 PM) emanuele: lol

(04:49:34 AM) Norv: Handy stuff. I haven't used it though.
(05:12:49 AM) Spuds: I just tend to use tortoisegit for a lot of stuff ... don't use the cli unless I need to do something fancy .... lazy at heart I am

(05:27:09 AM) groundup: Installing packages
(05:42:42 AM) Spuds: you should be done now :D
(05:50:09 AM) groundup: It is taking a while to restart php-fpm process. Not sure why
(05:50:58 AM) Spuds: should take about zero really
(05:52:14 AM) groundup: Yeah, which is weird that it is now taking like 5 minutes
(05:52:20 AM) Spuds: nginx?
(05:52:38 AM) groundup: I installed nginx if that's what you're asking

(09:30:56 PM) ***emanuele is back
(09:31:08 PM) ***emanuele dros support for postgreSQL :P
(09:31:12 PM) emanuele: *drops
(09:45:17 PM) Spuds: lol ... off to the compliance officer with you!
(10:01:47 PM) emanuele: can we ban joins too?
(10:01:49 PM) emanuele: lol

(01:05:45 AM) emanuele left the room (quit: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [SeaMonkey 2.0.14/2011042000]).
(01:13:44 AM) ***Spuds snickers ... emanuele uses SeaMonkey 2.0.14/2011042000 :P

(01:16:45 AM) TimeVortex: dun DUN DUNNNN
(01:23:36 AM) Spuds: LOL ... don't tell :D
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(01:50:56 AM) groundup: Yo ho ho.
(01:52:34 AM) groundup: So, I am working on this project at work where I have to build a member based site. I wanted to get it up and running quickly and easily with some basic concepts - members, ACL, standard routing, templates. So, I try Symfony. Damn that framework annoyed the *** out of me today. Tried using it with Nginx in a subdirectory good luck trying to figure that out
(01:53:16 AM) groundup: My next step is to either try another framework (Cake or Zend) or try Symfony Components
(02:15:28 AM) TimeVortex: If Symfony is a bit too much for your liking, try Silex.
(02:15:42 AM) TimeVortex: Uses Symfony components, without the --shall we say-- overhead.
(02:27:44 AM) groundup: TimeVortex: know of any generators for it?
(02:28:23 AM) TimeVortex: Generators? In what way?
(02:30:06 AM) groundup: Eh, I guess an example site/code would be the best way to put it. Bundles are pretty similar in Symfony. ZF has generators. It is more than just a bootstrap but it is a bootstrap
(02:34:20 AM) TimeVortex: Hmm, no, none come to mind.
(02:34:35 AM) TimeVortex: It being 1:34am doesn't really help in that respect
(02:34:45 AM) TimeVortex: For me, anyway
(02:36:02 AM) groundup: I hear ya
(02:41:58 AM) groundup: Well... that's for work tomorrow. Don't feel like working on work when I want to be working on other stuff

(04:40:31 AM) groundup:
(05:00:40 AM) Norv: I don't understand the question. The development process is documented in the repo, see contributing
(05:35:33 AM) groundup: Norv, when I work on a project, I don't want to have to keep it in two formats. When I click save, I want to open it in the browser and be able to check my changes.
(05:35:40 AM) groundup: So, the question is, how do you do that?
(05:36:34 AM) groundup: The way I've done it in the past for SMF has been copying my files over my previous ones on a test site.
(05:38:24 AM) Norv: Copying manually? Just install your git repo locally instead.

(05:41:47 AM) Norv: And if you want to install it remotely, editors/IDEs can help with keeping files in sync. But there's no reason for a software like a web forum to be developed/tested only remote. Just install directly your git clone - locally. I might misunderstand you - I'm surprised this is even a question :)
(06:26:34 AM) groundup: Norv, I have no idea why I asked that question in the first place and then re-asked it. I knew exactly what I wanted to do but for some reason it was slipping my mind.

(05:13:08 AM) Norv: FOSDEM weekend, fun coming out from it. :)
(05:40:32 AM) Spuds: > Friday beer event
(05:40:33 AM) Spuds: I'll be participating :P
(05:46:45 AM) Spuds: > After about ten years of incremental improvements to our notorious Beer   Distribution Algorithm, we appear to have reached a stable version with the   algorithm used: v3.2.   We have no changes to the algorithm to announce this year, at least up to   now—if we change our mind, we will let you know you in time.
(05:46:45 AM) Spuds: Only ten years of testing ... amateurs !
(05:48:05 AM) Norv: LOL

(11:36:36 PM) emanuele: OMG make an SMF release is exhausting...
(12:16:00 AM) Spuds: Congrats on 2.04 :)
(12:16:43 AM) ***emanuele wants to see Elkarte 1.0.4

(12:19:04 AM) emanuele: still fighting with the cust site
(12:19:12 AM) emanuele: that doesn't want to show the patches...
(12:24:32 AM) Spuds: Say is the SMF 2.0 RC1 to SMF 2.0 RC1-1 the right package to download :D
(12:25:53 AM) IchBin left the room.
(12:28:48 AM) emanuele: we scared IchBin...
(12:42:01 AM) Spuds: He was probalby embarassed that he was still running RC1
(12:44:10 AM) emanuele: lol
(12:50:40 AM) Spuds: updated 3 sites, no problems :)
(12:51:00 AM) emanuele: you are very lucky! :P
(12:51:14 AM) emanuele: language packs are still broken... LOL
(12:55:38 AM) emanuele: spuds did you install the 2.0.x patch?
(01:01:22 AM) Spuds: Yes, just the patch file from the package manager
(01:01:47 AM) emanuele: a PM from Illori saying it was wrong...
(01:01:59 AM) emanuele: but I tried it now on a forum and it worked fine...
(01:04:01 AM) Spuds: Thats what I did on 3 forums ... all were at 2.03, all with lots of mods
(01:06:47 AM) Spuds: what error did she see ? install or did it not modify the files right?
(01:08:02 AM) emanuele: No idea exactly...
(01:08:44 AM) Spuds: upgrade package as in small upgrade vs patch?
(01:09:55 AM) emanuele: as far as I understand she is talking about the patch, though the "upgrade package" is a bit odd...
(01:12:08 AM) Spuds: was just a thought, in case we were not talking about the same thing
(01:12:34 AM) emanuele: yeah, you are right
(01:12:37 AM) emanuele: I'll ask

(01:50:44 AM) Spuds: Ah well ... maybe something to do with getting it via Packman vs downloading it as a package
(01:54:11 AM) emanuele: dunno
(01:54:24 AM) emanuele: maybe just some strange sever
(01:54:36 AM) emanuele: I got an error on a free host...
(01:55:26 AM) emanuele: but since the error skip at file level didn't work I had to change the package adding error=ignore at operation level
(01:55:29 AM) emanuele: so...changing!
(01:55:40 AM) emanuele: I re-packaged the patch 5 times this evening...
(01:55:42 AM) emanuele: >_<
(01:56:31 AM) Spuds: Fun times .... Not !

(06:15:11 PM) Norv: fyi, I'm a bit busy this weekend - as these couple of days. :)
(06:21:51 PM) Spuds: no worries .... once I get a version of PBE in a branch you are going to be even busier :D
(06:22:20 PM) Spuds: and you thought SMF needed some refactoring
(06:30:03 PM) Norv: hah :D
(06:31:51 PM) Norv: so you're rewriting the mail and post subsystems :D
(06:32:20 PM) Norv: it *is* great :) - hey they needed it anyway.
(06:33:03 PM) Norv: if you're curious.
(06:33:18 PM) Norv:
(06:55:13 PM) Spuds: lol ... I'll leave that to you :P .... although there will be some updates to the mail and digest areas.  One of the complications (other than just dealing with email and all of its baggage) is that I seem to have to "duplicate"  some Elk queries as the PBE system is running under say the admin (for a failed or moderated email) or as the system, etc so its in a way posting on behalf of ....
(06:55:13 PM) Spuds: So I can't use some functions which simply load user_info since that would be the user_info of the emailer and not the user_info of the person or program running PBE at that time ... really a complication of the failure/moderation of them
(06:55:13 PM) Spuds: don't know if that makes sense or not ... its really that permissions / user_info dont load like loadMemberData
(06:55:13 PM) Spuds: There are ways around that but that leads to other duplicate code inside of PBE so thats messy as well ... so I picked one and we can change it around if we think another approach is better
(07:16:56 PM) Norv: Ah. If I understand correctly, duplicating the functions seems the way to go. Even if we don't like it (but considering what is here, we might), clean side by side implementation of those helps
(07:19:55 PM) Norv: Helps us see what to change them to, in worst case! :)

(07:30:02 PM) Norv: >> (12:16:43 AM) ***emanuele wants to see Elkarte 1.0.4
(07:30:02 PM) Norv: :-D #relevant

(11:06:05 PM) Norv: Thank you for the work on the patch emanuele
(11:07:09 PM) Norv: fyi, I've been a bit busy these days
(11:10:10 PM) emanuele: No problem
(11:10:27 PM) emanuele: I'm posting right now [...]
(11:10:58 PM) emanuele: oh: The message exceeds the maximum allowed length (%1$d characters).
(11:11:05 PM) emanuele: not sprintf'ed! :P

(06:22:02 PM) emanuele: Question of the day: what could be the reason *certain* (without any apparent correlation) things are not cached using Memcached?
(06:22:16 PM) emanuele: for example modSettings

(08:38:27 PM) Spuds: Feelings on where to place the mail functions in the admin menu
(08:38:59 PM) Spuds: today its under Maintenance, which always seemed odd to me, but it had to go somewhere
(08:39:35 PM) Spuds: as I add in the PBE stuffz there are more mail options so I was going to place them together
(08:40:10 PM) Spuds: so ? is ... shoudl I add those to the mail functions and move it to a place other than maintenace
(08:40:25 PM) Spuds: add it and leave it all in Maintain
(08:40:40 PM) Spuds: Not add it and stuff those new functions elsewere?
(08:42:01 PM) Spuds: Given the layout of the admin panel there is no wrong answer :P
(08:42:52 PM) Spuds: Maybe uner Main as Mailing List Manager
(09:39:16 PM) emanuele: There is always the search! :P
(09:40:57 PM) emanuele: if you want to re-use an existing menu...maybe feature and options or server settings (a bit odd the latter)
(09:41:52 PM) emanuele: otherwise you can just create a new menu under forum with all the email options

(09:46:31 PM) emanuele: Hey Spuds, you know something about cache didn't you? O:)

(09:49:30 PM) Spuds: Yea ... still deciding what to do ... I'll just plop in in somewhere and once I get it working decide where it fits best

(09:49:39 PM) Spuds: Whats the cache question?
(09:54:02 PM) emanuele: is there any reason why 2.0 doesn't cache modSettings? (memcached)
(09:55:58 PM) emanuele: the cache seems to work. At least most of the things are cached properly, but some not and modSettings always returns 0 bytes
(09:56:41 PM) Spuds: funny enough, thats the once cache mechanism I never tested
(09:56:54 PM) emanuele: LOL
(09:57:11 PM) emanuele: well, not a big issue
(09:57:28 PM) Spuds: does 2.1 work OK in that regard?
(09:57:32 PM) emanuele: it may even be it is killed somewhere at some point by some fancy code...
(09:57:42 PM) emanuele: no idea...can't do the conversion
(09:58:31 PM) Spuds: 2.0 has some odd things with modsettings cache, because the cache setting itself is a modsetting ... you can see the logic there yes :P
(09:59:13 PM) emanuele: mmm....
(09:59:17 PM) emanuele: have to check
(10:00:43 PM) Spuds: in 2.1 I had moved that to its own settings thing, along with which cache mechanisum was in use, so it did not need to do some convuluted logic to see if the cache was enabled  (the value of which may be cached)
(10:02:15 PM) Spuds: I really should test memcached at some point, and there are some @todo interface items needed with xcache as well (should we keep the clear cache functions as being generic vs the 2.0 file only version)
The best moment for testing your PR is right after you merge it. Can't miss with that one.


Reply #44
(10:57:38 PM) emanuele: Spuds, about email things:
(11:00:05 PM) emanuele: and also that may be interesting:
(11:00:09 PM) emanuele: not very common...
(11:11:45 PM) Spuds: I think the mail queue could use some updates, its settings are a bit confusing, and it probalby even needs one additonal one.
(11:12:49 PM) Spuds: need to understand what limits are placed on sites and set some options for that
(11:13:20 PM) Spuds: its typical to have an hourly quota, not sure if daily quotas are set as well
(11:14:48 PM) Spuds: but a big site like that you need to not send to many at once (hard on the server),  and not send that often to avoid any quotas
(11:15:15 PM) Spuds: but the settings we have are misleading ... max per min and max per page load .....
(11:16:17 PM) Spuds: if you set that to 1 per min and 10 per page load ... thats translated to 10 per min
(11:17:45 PM) Spuds: that other issue is pretty interesting ... did that query fix things?
(12:03:43 AM) emanuele: No idea, I just posted it and I'm hoping it will fix it... :P

(11:43:35 PM) Norv:
(12:04:04 AM) Spuds: Looks interesting (discourse)
(12:19:53 AM) Norv: Yeah. I remember having read long ago a rant of the current lead dev on forums being outdated for 10 years. :D
(12:20:56 AM) Norv: Ruby and js. Interesting.
(12:24:33 AM) Norv: Almost everything is right to the point
(12:44:04 AM) emanuele:
(12:44:20 AM) emanuele: > Reply as a linked topic
(12:45:56 AM) emanuele: TBH is not that different from a forum... :P
(12:46:10 AM) emanuele: (with AJAX (quick-)reply)
(12:46:24 AM) Norv: Nice!
(12:47:38 AM) emanuele: I know, I did it! :P
(12:48:00 AM) ***emanuele is *so* humble... O:-)
(12:49:15 AM) emanuele: oh...and do you want to revive maybe the "quick-reply" I was working on a (long) while ago?
(12:49:38 AM) emanuele: that would be nice I think... O:-)
(12:50:47 AM) emanuele: A question: action?viewquery shows the queries from the "last" page load, exactly? If I always see the queries from BoardIndex at every page load means that something else is loading the board index "in background", right?
(12:51:18 AM) Norv: last page load, yes
(12:52:36 AM) Norv: and sure, if you wish - them reply thingies are cool! :)
(12:52:49 AM) emanuele: then something weird is going I have to discover what...

(12:58:12 AM) Spuds: Couple of quick thoughts as I think of possibly doing some work on the email thing again :P
(12:58:12 AM) Spuds:  -  basic lightbox for attachment images or keep the expand in place thing we have
(12:58:12 AM) Spuds:  -  infinite scroll thingy mentioned on the elk site and interestly part of discourse
(01:00:34 AM) Norv: I have mostly no opinion tbh, on infinite scroll.

(01:03:50 AM) Norv: [rant] - the codebase is GPL v2, and they use a CLA "for your protection" :P, which explicitly gives them all rights to make proprietary and commercial licensed versions. GPL - the license that doesn't allow anyone else to make proprietary versions. #dishonesty [/rant]

(01:22:06 AM) Norv: thing is, they have something on the site, on a business model on hosting instances of Discourse for businesses. That doesn't have anything to do with the code. And, they claim something about 'Discourse will be free'. In the same time, on the other hand, grab rights to make commercial/proprietary versions from github community code.
The best moment for testing your PR is right after you merge it. Can't miss with that one.