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[ADDON] Rules

Rules 1.0


Lay down the law. Make it easier for users to know that you're in charge. No more excuses!
  • Setup this mod at Administration Center » Add-on Settings » Rules.
  • Add a new area
    • Also features a page that displays the registration agreement.
    • A third page can also be added for whatever.
  • Menu item is added under 'Community'.
    • Each page has its own submenu.
    • All titles can be changed.
  • New permission in 'General' to dictate the groups that can view the rules.

Requires PHP 5.5 or newer to run

Please consider donating if you use this; I'd greatly appreciate it!

Re: [ADDON] Rules

Reply #1
after the installation something went wrong.
I get this information:
Declaration of live627\Rules\Settings::setConfigVars($config_vars) should be compatible with Settings_Form::setConfigVars(array $configVars)

so can someone fix it or help me?