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Bug Reports / Attachment Directory management error
Last post by badmonkey -
php7.3, nginx 1.15.8, mariadb 10.3. Fresh 1.1.5 install. When attempting to change Choose the method for the management of the attachment directories to Auto Subdivide by months and years and checking box Create new directories within a base directory, there is an error "in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, string given". Anyone know a fix? Thanks!

Edit: the offending feature seems to be checking the Auto Subdivide. Choosing the option fails to create a subdirectory, and naturally attachment uploads fail. 
Theme development / Re: 1.1 default theme (Light variant) colors
Last post by Spuds -
You should be able to simply copy that code to your custom css file and it will work.  The css files are loaded in order index then variants then custom ... the last loaded files declarations will take precedence over the others.
Addons / Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal
Last post by Spuds -
I'm not sure I understand the first issue, is that inside of one of SP blocks?

I believe I set it up so the right side will "float" under the other blocks when the screen narrows, what happens when you use a full screen on your browser?
Theme development / Re: 1.1 default theme (Light variant) colors
Last post by Zioclive -
Well, I'm using a 1.5 light variant :BeSocial.

I think it's nice and quite easily adaptable to various color style using the custom_besocial.css file.

Nevertheless most of my users are over 50 and most of them rarely use a desktop computer, actually they are basically whattsapp users and whattsapp addicted.
Due to this I'm trying to make my light variant a bit more readable.
In my opinion the submit button's fonts  are too small and I would like two enlarge the font's dimensions.

There is a way for doing it without messing up whit the index.css file and achieve the same result changing only the custom_besocial.css?
Actually I've found a solution modifying the font-size value at  line  248:
Code: [Select]
input, .input_text, select, button {
font-size: .99em;
of the index.css file but I would like to use and change only the custom_besocial.css for future compatibly reasons.
Thanks  :)

Addons / Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal
Last post by lordmortimer -
Hello people from ElkArte :)

I just upgraded my SP version to the one linked above and I'm currently facing two issues:

1) The "New post" icon appears when somebody already read that post. When a post is actually unread, SP shows no icon at all. This issue was there even with the previous version.

2) Right side blocks show under the top or bottom ones. This is a new problem I didn't have with the previous version.
Bug Reports / Re: Profile Show Drafts errors
Last post by emanuele -
IIRC drafts should be able to save attachments in 2.0, unless I may have dreamed about having it, not sure honestly... fairly confused... lol
Bug Reports / Re: Profile Show Drafts errors
Last post by ahrasis -
I prefer not. May be just replace it with its file name and make a note somewhere that draft feature does not save any attachments while the draft is saved. Does this make any sense?
Bug Reports / Re: Profile Show Drafts errors
Last post by emanuele -
Bug indeed, just not sure what is actually broken.
Well, okay, it is broken Attachment.controller.php at lines 347 and 352.
Since attachments are not saved for drafts, then it should just bail out sometimes before reaching the point. At the moment I'm not sure where, though.