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Support / Re: Contact form spam
Last post by davemc -
There is anti-spam in the rest of the settings, I just can't seem to implement anything for the contact form.
Support / Contact form spam
Last post by davemc -
Has anyone any advice for dealing with contact form spam. I was hoping to put some sort of anti-spam measure like capatcha or similar but I haven't been able to find any add-ons

Thanks in advance
Support / Re: Scheduled: Delete Topics
Last post by Steeley -
I don't believe there is a scheduled maintenance task like that.  There is a manual maintenance task to remove old posts, old being those that have not been active in X days.  Anyway I don't think it would be that difficult a task to have added as one should be able to leverage that existing manual task somewhat. 

I saw that manual task, and at first I thought it was what I was looking for.  So close...

In some ways it would be easier to create the forum as you like and dump the sql as a backup .. then using a cron task that runs every 2 days simply restore that dump as the new database.

HA! Just dump the db and simply restore the backup....  I love it. (Seriously, what could go wrong?)

About 20 years ago I quipped to a friend of mine as we were alpha testing a program that had descended into the twilight zone - "Never give a C+ programmer fissionable material - they know no fear..." :-)

I'm a retired hardware engineer, let me tell you about the time I stunk up the V&V lab with loud smoke and smelly fire, and set the development program back 6 months... ("It wasn't supposed to do that", he said. "The spec sheet said it could handle that", he said..)  Yea, well, it didn't this time.

I'll give it some thought, Spuds... (indeed I will, my signature not withstanding), but I tend to think of sql back-ups and restores as recovery activities, not "maintenance".

Meanwhile, if someone wants to add that as a scheduled task to a future release, I'll return the db restore activity to recovery, in case the task goes awry..

Support / Re: [SOLVED] Help on Post/reply by email
Last post by Steeley -

Hey Steeley, it has been a while, so that I had to get my memories together. For me the solution was to change the 3 source files mentioned earlier in this thread. I also have sent this changes to the github repository to have them included in future releases. Honestly, I don't know where this part of the story stands. I suspect the changes are not part of your v1.1.6.

Either way, I did do these changes in my installation and it works ever since. The html formatting of mails has room for improvement, but at least people can use the forum as kind of a mail-list. Please feel free to comment or ask questions.

...change the 3 source files mentioned earlier in this thread..

Bingo... Since the start of that message with those changes referred to "posting new topics" I wasn't sure if that was working the original generic reply via email issue or, once that was solved working subsequent new-topic formatting issues. Since I'm not a programmer, my coding experience is "basic'TM (figuratively and literally), and I play around with the code only when I know for sure that's what I need to do.

If you're not using 1.1.6, no - it's not incorporated in it either, and, like you, I was wondering how this hasn't been a bigger issue (it's fundamental to mail usage, after all).  I already ruled out email clients and various mail servers, perhaps the issue is unique to the server OS (linux / x86_64 / Apache / php 7.2)?

Anyway, I'm off to back up some files and edit some code.. if it works I owe ya a beer..

Support / Re: Invisible Groups
Last post by Steeley -
Arantor - Thank you for the explanation... now it makes sense.

Being warned as you cross a bridge to beware the "basilisk" on the other side gives the prudent pause, and raises the natural question.. the what ??    Now armed with musk of weasel and a mirror, I can proceed with confidence.

Thanks again!

Feature Discussion / Re: Need an inscription on the attachment button
Last post by Spuds -
.Should improve the a11y so its more obvious the feature exists.   What I've mostly found is that although the inline attachment stuff is a nice to have, most folks really do not use it and instead prefer the simplicity of attach and post.