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Support / Illegal string offset 'threshold' error.
Last post by Suaviterinmodo -
Whenever I try to delete a post, I get the following error message:
An Error Has Occurred
Illegal string offset 'threshold'
What do I have to do to fix this? I took a screen capture of it.
Localization / Re: Greek Translation
Last post by glinuxas -
i have some questions about translation. I can use this topic or a new one?
Let me know what is "Hook"
example - Admin.english.php

Code: [Select]
hooks_field_hook_name'] = 'Hook Name';
$txt['hooks_disabled'] = 'Disabled'; //@deprecated since 1.1 - it's no more possible to disable hooks
$txt['hooks_no_hooks'] = 'There are currently no hooks in the system.';
$txt['hooks_disable_legend_exists'] = 'the hook exists and is active';
$txt['hooks_disable_legend_disabled'] = 'the hook exists but has been disabled';
$txt['hooks_disable_legend_missing'] = 'the hook has not been found';