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Custom Themes / Re: [Theme] Leisure
Last post by Spuds -
Update attached is a new version which should fix the mobile icon issue and a few other things.

1) How to set the forum width. It takes the entire screen. I like to set a width.
1) This theme ignores (intentionally) the admin setting for forum width. 
2) If you want to change it then edit the index.css file, find the .wrapper section near the top and change the width: 95% to something you like.   If that causes other layout options see item 1
General ElkArte discussions / Re: Testing 1.1.6
Last post by emanuele -
Here it is the latest package.
Application produces a perfectly identical install as a brand new 1.1.6 so it should be fine.

I'll push it to github tomorrow evening... today I have to go bed.
Chit Chat / Re: i need some help
Last post by Spuds -
Check how you have your permissions setup ... sounds like you have them set  as "allow to make new topics but hide until approved"