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Support / Re: [SOLVED] Help on Post/reply by email
Last post by Steeley -
YESSSSSSSS.... that does indeed solve the email reply posting problem.

Perversely however, now that email replies are posting, the sender gets a Mail-Delivery Failed message piped from emailpost.php..
(I could just tell users that's actually a "posting confirmation reply", but I think I'll go hunt it down and kill it instead..)

JP, next time you're up in the 'Pacific Northwet', you're not gonna be able to buy a beer..

General ElkArte discussions / Disable user email
Last post by badmonkey -
Emails sent from forum sites are often filed directly to spam. Sometimes they are straight blocked altogether. This leads to user complaints they aren't receiving notifications or cannot reset their own password. 

Add to that some user privacy concerns. Many use disposable emails for registration or simply don't register at all. 

Rather than have users believe they can rely on email notification, I think it may be easier to disable the forum email requirement. What changes would be necessary to achieve this? Thanks!
Feature Discussion / Re: Need an inscription on the attachment button
Last post by Arantor -
Hey, I'm all for tech being made available to people - you never know what people will come up with in terms of creative uses you never expected.

But I do have certain expectations that people should either inform themselves as to what it means, or not get upset if it blows up on them unreasonably.

Unfortunately people gonna people :P
Feature Discussion / Re: Need an inscription on the attachment button
Last post by Arantor -
Media has certainly become easier to use - and with it being easier to use, people will *tend* to use it.

I'm just not convinced that encouraging it to that extent is necessarily or inherently 'for the greater good' and I certainly baulk at the notion of it being the premier format.

For every forum that would use images as a foremost communication method (and I can't help that we're slowly by degrees reverting to Egyptian hieroglyphs!), there will at a forum that excels at the longform post, where a post is not a quick throwaway reaction but a long thoughtful discussion, perhaps necessitating an in-depth rebuttal of points made.

If you want social media, use social media. The quick throwaway comment, move onto the next thing culture excels there. So does people sharing their best selves' life experiences in a collective sense of thankfulness that they're able to do so. But the moment is fleeting and is gone; forums endure.
Support / Re: Invisible Groups
Last post by Arantor -
Glad to help. It's one of the more warty parts of the SMF legacy that confuses people a bit :/
Support / Re: Scheduled: Delete Topics
Last post by Arantor -
I did an SMF mod that wouldn't take long to adapt to ElkArte that did this - it was ostensibly 'delete old topics' but you could set the age by board, so you could set all the other boards to never delete, then 2 days on the one board.

It's been ages since I looked at packaging an ElkArte mod but I can't imagine it would be very different. I attached the SMF version to this post in case anyone wants to give it a go. Licence-wise it's CC0 or public domain or whatever you want to call it - feel free to adapt it as you see fit.
Feature Discussion / Re: Need an inscription on the attachment button
Last post by Arantor -
This is one of those things where everyone's general take on it is right - and it's up for the platform to decide how it wants to handle it.

But pointing at Facebook and saying 'like them' isn't great, because it presumes that forum goers are like social media consumers: media very much front and centre. For some types of communities, sure - but note that Facebook does it because you spend longer looking at pictures, and it's conditioning you to look at ads more that way.