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Support / Assistance needed with Notifications Errors
Last post by goosekeeper -
Notifications quit occurring without any known changes for all users.  For both messages and board notifications, no emails are occurring.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


"Post by Email Management" is disabled
ElkArete 1.1.6
PHP 7.3

There is an error log item that might have been related to Post by Email being temporarily enabled.

Error Message
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Support / Issue with icons!
Last post by Gregers -
Hi guys!

So I am installing a new elkarte community and the icons on my theme Deep are like really massive, I mean really huge...  The issue is that I cannot figure out how to change them, perhaps it has something to do with fontawesome.

Thanks in advance!
Support / "Connection failed"
Last post by jovanni -
Hi there! This morning I noticed that there is a problem with the database connection in my newly installed forum. Actually I do not recall any changes whatsoever made to either the database or the code. And up until sometime ago the forum was running smoothly, allowing me to set it up for live usage soon.
To start with: where would i find the db access details entered during install - in the db or in the php? 

[here is the error msg:]
Connection Problems
Sorry, we were unable to connect to the database. This may be caused by the server being busy. Please try again later. 
Chit Chat / Re: php7.4 preloading
Last post by emanuele -
Well, the "quick&dirty" way would be to take any file in sources, themes and the root and require_once all of them.
Only thing to pay attention should be the order to avoid issues, but if you start instantiating the bootstrap class and loading the autoloader, that should do most of the work.
It may be something like:
Code: [Select]

$forum_path = '/path/to/forum';
$root_files = [

function getFilesRecursive($dir, $ext = '.php')
$full_paths = array();

$iterator = new RecursiveIteratorIterator(
new RecursiveDirectoryIterator($dir, RecursiveDirectoryIterator::SKIP_DOTS),
$filter = new RegexIterator($iterator, '/' . preg_quote($ext) . '$/');

foreach ($filter as $path => $file)
if ($file->isDir() === false)
$full_paths[] = $path;

return $full_paths;

require_once($forum_path . '/bootstrap.php');
$source_files = getFilesRecursive($forum_path . '/sources');
$themes_files = getFilesRecursive($forum_path . '/themes');
foreach ($root_files as $k => $file)
$root_files[$k] = $forum_path . '/' . $root_files[$k];

foreach ([$source_files, $themes_files, $root_files] as $files)
foreach ($files as $file)

No idea if it works or not.
Support / Re: Text characters change after import?
Last post by emanuele -
hmm... character encoding issue are the worse for me.
The easiest thing you could try is to just change the collation. Though I'm not entirely sure this would work (you may take a backup in order to stay on the safe side and in case restore everything.
What is a bit strange is that you have imported SMF content, so the tables should already be in UTF8, though they are not?
 emanuele is confused... @Spuds any magic from you?
Addons / Re: [ADDON][beta] Topic Prefix
Last post by radu81 -
What do you think about adding the prefix in topic view (index.php?topic=x) near to the title and also on the list of unread posts and replies?
Support / Re: Text characters change after import?
Last post by Antechinus -
Yep, that can happen. Elk uses UTF8 by default, which makes a lot of sense, but converting SMF 1.1.x or 2.0.x from ISO to UTF8 can cause glitches like this.

Honestly, fixing this is above my pay grade. You'll need someone who is more up to speed with database trickery. I'm sure there is a fix, because it's a reasonably common problem, but offhand I don't know what that fix is.