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Addons / Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal
Last post by augras -
It seems this error is only when someone is connected and there is a robot also : the difference between a user and a robot is that the robot has no avatar and maybe the error is coming from that.
It's ok with Guests, but Guests are not displayed in the user list : Robots are displayed
Support / Re: Addon develop/convert documentation
Last post by Spuds -
I don't think such a guide exists :( 

Your best option is to review some of the existing addons as a start.   I know I've done several "basic" ones with lots of comments to help get started.  Also *most* of the addons are fully hook based.  A hook based addon does not make code edits which greatly improves easy upgrade of the forum.   Also turning on debug will show you all the hooks being called which can be a help.  Past that is to start your work and then ask support questions here.
Site Feedback / Re: themes addons tools links wrong
Last post by Spuds -
I've not updated the site to add back the home button, to many other pressing issues with the early beta where my time is better spent.

I'll look into the post preview ... was this from the main post page or from hitting preview from the quick reply area?
Site Feedback / Re: BeSocial and small text menu on homepage
Last post by radu81 -
There are a lot of things that Google doesn't like, I also get those messages from Search Console, and I may add a third message related to breadcrumbs. I get those messages often, not only on my elkarte forum, but also on a xenforo forum ( default style and just some minor colour changes) and also on a couple of Joomla websites. TBH I didn't give importance and never reported those messages here or somewhere else.

This topic is related to the small text in the menu on homepage, has nothing to do with your problem, once solved on this forum probably all the rest of the discussion will be forgotten. I suggest you to open a new topic and give all the info you received from Search Console, IIRC Google suggests which elements, or what text is too small or too close to other elements of the page.
Site Feedback / Re: BeSocial and small text menu on homepage
Last post by forumovod -
So, Google doesn't like the BeSocial theme. Another error message has arrived.

Problems have been found on your site (2) of the "Convenience for mobile" category:
1. Interactive elements are located too close
2. The font is too small