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Localization / Re: langpacks not anymore update on transifex since 2020 december 27 18:23 ?
Last post by augras -
Sorry for my explanations ! My english is not so good.
I try again.
As it is explain here in a post i added a server in the Packages Manager to download and add translations easier : i added the server but when i Browse there are no files to download... it's empty. I thought find all the languages, but no one.
I hope it's clear...
Addons / Re: Elkarte Redis Cache
Last post by ElkArte-Is-Awesome -
To go along with the MySQL and PostgreSQL Cache's I have as modifications I now also have a Redis based one.

It's available here,

Any issues please let me know. It currently expects a port and ip for it to work. I will look at the socket based option at some point.
I can confirm Redis cache is working on Elkarte 1.1.7. and with the latest Redis 6.2.0
Theme development / Re: Question about theme layers
Last post by Bloc -
Yeah, I tried using that integrate_buffer hook but emanuele's code doesn't take it seems. Perhaps it happens before that.

Oh well, putting this aspect on the backburner for now, its plenty to work on elsewhere in the theme.