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Support / Re: Using Gmail for the admin account?
Last post by Steeley -
Gmail apparently requires email "clients" to be registered with them and validated as OAUTH2 compliant (with their interpretation of OAUTH2). This is a relatively new 'thing' with them, and apparently their 'compliance' standards are unique in that regard. I'm not sure this is your problem, but it's entirely possible Gmail isn't going to work as a mail handler for ElkArte .

(IMHO, not having gmail as your mail handler is not a bad thing..)

You might check this thread since Denis just got SendGrid working...
Support / Re: Using Gmail for the admin account?
Last post by Hometutor -
Folks I've tried everything I can

Current settings
Queue enabled
Client My email
port 465
StartTLS is unchecked my research indicated gmail may not support it though it does support TLS
Username My email
App password
App password

Tested working at

Registration emails however are not being received.

Any thoughts?

Support / Re: Setting up SMTP Mailing service
Last post by D.M. -
Greetings to everyone ! I am happy to say that the issue has now been resolved finally ! After talking with SendGrid support for a couple of days we were finally able to verify the error after they looked into their backend error logs!

The issue was caused by verifying my subdomain which was a mistake ! After verifying my main domain instead of the subdomain the email finally went through !

My domain is now verified and capable to send SMTP mail!

Let this be a guide for future encounters people may have ! Be sure to verify your main domain since SendGrid services can not verify subdomains as a sender identity!

Cheers and good luck !  :partying_face  :partying_face

And thanks for the help gentlemen ! @ahrasis @Spuds @Steeley
Support / Using Gmail for the admin account?
Last post by Hometutor -
Has anyone tried this? I can actually send more emails through Gmail than I can my hosting's email service. My host also turned off PHPmail for "security reasons" so I'll be setting it up as SMTP.

Thanks for your help,

Support / Re: Setting up SMTP Mailing service
Last post by D.M. -
Quote from: ahrasis –
Quote from: Spuds – SMTP Client not sure, but normally this is the domain name of your site, like
Agreed. By the way, it has explanation if one clicked the question mark to understand more.
Quote? A little lost? Let me explain:
Used to identify this client to the SMTP server.
The field should contain the fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) of the SMTP client. In situations in which the client system does not have a meaningful domain name you can instead use an address literal formatted as [ipv4] or [IPv6:ipv6 address].
If left blank the system will attempt to detect this value for you.
Hope that helps.

Greetings Ahrasis ! Yes that is correct information, and I have surely followed every single written guide on resolving the issue that pops up, but after contacting SendGrid support it seems that the problem still persists regarding their authentication system, I have already authenticated and verified my domain which causes email addresses to get authenticated automatically although the support staff told me that I still do not have a valid authenticated Email address which is capable of going through the mailing system, I am now currently in the process of fixing that issue with the help of SendGrid support and I will be sure to update this topic with the results and resolved issue !

Thanks for the efforts and the powerfull brainstorming gentlemen @ahrasis  @Spuds  @Steeley