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Localization / Where is the channel "Insert"
Last post by augras -
i didn't find the word "Insert" in any files. It's the Insert to insert a file in the editor :
For me it must be in the post.english.php but not !
Thank you for your help,
Theme development / Re: Question about theme layers
Last post by Bloc -
New there a way to add a hook only to be executed when a theme is run? That is, not permanently added.

I'd like to try adding the sidebar code but am a bit lost as to how the theme would be able to integrate with hooks. I don't want to make a mod for this either.

I've seen from the source code that adding Theme.php inside the custom theme apparantly makes Elkarte use that..and that seems to be interesting as a way to customize the theme engine(possibly), but it still calls the Templatelayers.class which seems not be fecthed from anywhere else that Sources anyway.

I am kind of deterred by the fact the subtemplates is not so easily managed by the theme in Elkarte. I mean, I see the reasons for it, but it does limit what a theme could do. You are kind of stuck with the order they are presented in. But I acknowledge that there is probably not a high demand for it ...other than for myself :) I guess its a non-priority. I'll keep tugging at it until I find a work-around because I think Elkarte is by far the better of all forked SMF scripts, including SMF(2.1) itself.   
Localization / Re: langpacks not anymore update on transifex since 2020 december 27 18:23 ?
Last post by augras -
Next build in ~ 3 hours should fix it.
From what I've seen at least the french 1.1 files have been modified partially, but please validate tomorrow :)
It's ok : i upload the new file and as i can see my translations are here.
I only worked on elkarte1.1 not on elkarte : but some translations are also in elkarte.
THANKS a lot !

An another question about localizations :
i added the server in the packages manager but it's empty !
It's in french but it's mean Not yet packages.
Bug Reports / Re: Incorrect notification
Last post by Spuds -
I believe I have this sorted now for 1.1.7, the quoting is always attributed to the post creator and never the modifier.

The fix also prevents the resending of the quote notification on edit