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Addons / Re: [ADDON] Levertine Gallery
Last post by Spuds -
In LevGal-Item.template.php

Code: (find) [Select]
<a href="' . (!empty($viewInline) ? substr($context['item_actions']['actions']['download'][1], 0, -10) : '') . '">

Code: (replace) [Select]
<a href="' . (!empty($viewInline) ? substr($context['item_actions']['actions']['download'][1], 0, -10) : '') . '" target="_blank">

That will generally affect any non-image files and open them in a new tab ... its that target="_blank" that causes that behavior.  Try that and let me know if that is what you wanted.
Addons / Re: [ADDON] Levertine Gallery
Last post by Burke Knight -
Is there a way, when having files, such as pdf, to have them open in new tab when they are clicked?
Right now, when they click in the item list, it opens whatever pdf viewer they have in the same tab.
Support / Re: Guest can "Like" posts
Last post by Spuds -
That function is blocked to guests, so you will have to make a couple of file edits.

First you need to add the ability to assign the likes post permission to guests.  In sources/subs/Permissions.class.php towards the top find protected $illegal_guest_permissions = array( in that array find 'like_posts', and comment it out as //'like_posts',

You will then be able to assign that permission to guests

Second in sources\controllers\Likes.controller.php in the private function prepare_like() towards the top of that function find is_not_guest(); and again comment that out as //is_not_guest();

That should be all that is needed ... side effects:man_shrugging:
Support / Guest can "Like" posts
Last post by Burke Knight -
I'd like the ability on one of my sites, to allow guests to like posts.
Unfortunately, I don't see permissions for guests to be able to turn it on.
General ElkArte discussions / Re: Preliminary ElkArte 1.1.10 - Release Notes
Last post by Spuds -
Here is a yet another updated 1.1.10 package.  It has the following changes from the last one

  • Prevent a few more PHP 8.2 depreciation notices that I was able to find
  • Scroll editor to page top when using reply/modify/etc
  • Move a couple of editor startup functions to the ready event in the moveto plugin
  • When editing, ensure the editor view starts at the top the text not the bottom
  • Pagination was not honored when viewing a list of members in a member group (the entire list was shown)
  • Prevent a deferred error in FireFox with the editor custom tags
  • Do not call JS functions when they are not available (seen only as a console error in the ACP)

I've been running the previous patch on a few low traffic sites, and this addresses anything (php) that I saw in the error log

ETA:  This version of the patch file has been removed, be sure to uninstall it when the final is released  :wink:
Addons / Re: [ADDON] Levertine Gallery
Last post by Spuds -
Bump to 1.2.1 ....

  • Improve/add a few select language strings to clarify intent
  • CSS updates, moving some inline back to CSS and other fixes for mobile
  • Add a preload spinner for bulk upload page, ensure the submit button is not available until done with preload.
  • Set the order of menu to be mine/site/group/member
  • Moving an item to a new album during item edit was not working
  • Fix issue where quota class, under unusual instances, could throw an error
  • Short descriptions with link would break the template layout (nested <a>)
  • Add/improve sub album count calculator, add info to layout
  • Provide an option to not always include the default group in results to avoid layout confusion
  • Move location of info note, folks are missing it or ignoring it
  • Use column layout for unseen items to save layout space
  • Change to select-able Divs when viewing album hierarchy, makes click/tap easy
  • Additional language tweaks and some cross language sync
  • Allow search on album name/description only (item types are required in that case)
  • Provide page navigation at the bottom of the compact user album listing
  • Missing language file in BBC/Code definition
  • Show notice if when adding a new album if it will require approval
  • Adding a new group and removing the existing group (album permission edit) caused permission to default to site
  • Do not show the ? link on preview images, as the image is already linked ([media] tag rendering)
  • Improve approval notifications on new / editing / general album display (consistent with items)
  • Prevent page error when guest viewing and certain permissions were set.
  • Improve album deletion dialog and confirmation
  • Harden permissions for deleting / editing group albums