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Feature Discussion / Re: Moderation information
Last post by Spuds -
Sorry for the delay in a response, been busy doing a rather major change to the 2.0 JavaScript files and at this point who knows what I have broken!

Well first its Email, and its intended to be infuriating!  I thought 1.1.6 had the bounce detection functions in the maillist section? 

That was intended to log bounced emails for "cause" and (optionally) disable the users "send me email" options.  The intent being to detect bounces and then prevent re-sending which "if" it was a valid TLD to not to get blocked for trying to continually send email to a blocked (or non existent) address.
Bug Reports / Re: Attachment Permissions change..
Last post by Steeley -
Quote from: radu81 – I just checked my forums and the main folder \attachments and also the other ones  like \attachments\2024 are all set up as 755.
Using 1.1.9 version

I hear ya.. but now if I change it back to 0755, ElkArte  admin attachment configuration tells me the directory is not writeable (and the interface gives you an error message on "post" "....either timed out or the attachment is too large.. ")

It "USED" to work just fine.. Change it to 0777 and everything is happy again.

I changed nothing on my end that would goof that up. Don't know if the server now thinks the DB or the Application accessing the directory isn't "owner" anymore and needs group or site write permissions, or what's going on, but it appears something changed on the host side. 
(They have a habit of doing that without telling anyone.. and the only way you know they did is suddenly something's broke).

Just a heads-up... whatever it is may be coming to a street near you in the near future.. I don't think it's version dependent.

"Incompatibility is just an upgrade away"
Bug Reports / Attachment Permissions change..
Last post by Steeley -
Version 1.1.6 - I noted recently attachments to posts were being rejected, and I discovered the attachment directory permissions now required 0777, the original 0755 permissions settings no longer were sufficient.  I have no idea what exactly changed (I suspect something on my host was "updated", which is what usually screws my pooch), since I haven't changed anything from when they last were working fine.

I'm just posting this in case someone else gets bushwacked by their host upgrading something without telling you assuming that's what it was.

Feature Discussion / Moderation information
Last post by Steeley -
It would be quite helpful if, when a moderation flag is set, and the "offending message" is a bounce message, if information included in the moderation message included the date and time the bounce message (setting the moderation flag) was received (if this hasn't already been added to versions later than 1.1.6).

I spent the better part of the day chasing the reason for a "blocked message" sent to a new member, only to discover that flag was from a week ago when the member signed up (email authentication is enabled) and apparently cleared the next day, and was not a response to a post sent this morning (after which I logged in as admin and discovered the moderation flag on the bounced message).

Whatever the blocking problem was on the recipient's end, it resolved itself the next day apparently and emails are now going through to that domain from the forum, and I've been chasing a fairy that has already moved on from that mail server... :persevere: :rolleyes: 
Feature Discussion / Re: Giphy Support
Last post by radu81 -


TBH I am not a big fan of animated gifs, but I remember when this was added to XF, some of my members were really glad and appreciated this feature, so glad to see it also in Elkarte!
Chit Chat / Re: Any suggestions for film transfer printer
Last post by Steeley -
Color bleeding isn't her only
Quote from: OliviaErin – I have recently bough my printer for my small customized T-shirt business using Procolored coupons code, but the colours are mixing. I am using Procolored R1390/L1800 DTF transfer printer, I have followed all the instructions but still couldn't sort out the problem.

Olivia, ElkARTE has nothing to do with T-Shirts or coloring,,, you might try here...