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Site Feedback / Re: Knock knock!
Last post by Brado -
Quote from: Spuds – I think Gmails from the site are failing (rejected) due to ipv6 authentication issues, I don't remember all the details ATM.

Emma is still around, its the old R/L real job story !  Plus still lazy !  I have not had much time to  work on Elk in the last couple of months, to many summer projects I'm trying to finish:hammer:

I knew your old domain was gone or changed or ?? as your old avatar was served off and stopped working  It was a family business site?

Always tough to "give away" an old account, you could be a poseur:laughing:What is your favorite color ?

Sorry it took so long for me to get back. Too many irons in the fire here.

How about the little known fact that I was the one who brought you into this whole mess at SMF? :laughing:  I was lead Customizer when you joined the chaos over there.  My old domain was and I let that go since I'm not really doing anything with it anymore.  Need any more clues? It looks like you are still in my google chat if that's not proof enough. haha
Bug Reports / Re: Cronjob to email_imap_cron.php yields error in v1.1.9
Last post by tino -
Quote from: ahrasis – I think strftime()-function is deprecated in php8.1 so this may be new or overlooked.

This is some ideas to go about it:

I introduced a function in Util to mitigate that, the function is what’s throwing the error.

The only way I can recreate it currently is by running PHP 5.6
Bug Reports / Re: Cronjob to email_imap_cron.php yields error in v1.1.9
Last post by Spuds -
I've not yet been able to track this down. 

Do you have the full trace in the error log?  I need to find where standardTime() was called from and how it has bad parameters. 

Was this a PBE topic reply, PM or a new topic?  Could you share the raw email (just need the headers) in case the email parser grabbed some incorrect date/time from the email.  Its probably going to be one of those easy to fix but hard to trace type of issues.

Also, thinking about this, what version of PHP are you running?
Chit Chat / Re: Stress relief
Last post by Steeley -
Yes indeed - the PT looks fine.. as for the posts, don't you just love those "hidden bummers"?

The cedar is for the front porch steps, the back landing and stairs (along with the deck rail trim) is epay. If you clicked the epay links in my previous post they link to a company that sells the stuff -  they claim it's less expensive than other options, but that may be cost over 100 years of the epay projected lifespan vs replacing other materials every 20-25 years. Twenty years ago it wasn't cheaper, that's for sure.

Yea the stairs were tricky - the lower one had to be moved about 3 ft. into the landing in order to have a sane rise/run and avoid sticking well into the patio below, and the landing was no picnic either, the house wall and garage wall aren't parallel to each other so there's a few of the landing board runs that are actually cut a little narrower at one end than the other so it all "looks" parallel. However, I did break down and have a railing manufacturer install the railings for me - at that point in the project my back had me all crippled up.  

I noticed that screened outdoor areas are quite popular down in your neck of the woods - we don't have as much of a carnivorous-bug issue where I'm located, although there's been a couple times we've been driven inside in the early evenings by skeeters. I have a couple "bug-zappers" hanging from the roof joists, but those are mostly for entertainment purposessssszzz<<SNAP>>..  June Bugs are really spectacular when they vaporize.. [We used to have a little ritual - every time a bug blew up we took a shot in memorium ... seemed like the decent thing to do, but had to stop doing that.. made the deck sway and the stairs really wobbly..]

Chit Chat / Re: Stress relief
Last post by Spuds -
Quote from: Steeley – I like your work.. is that wall the steps go down along actual brick, or brick-faced concrete? (And that's a hell of a flower pot!)
Thanks .... That wall is a brick wall, then air gap, then in that area its foundation block and then gravel fill.  The steps are not attached to the brick, they are on earth pads.   The steps are 4' wide with (4) stringers.  Yup the flower pot is a big one!  It holds all the cooking herbs and various salad greens.  The center is a composting tube the you put your scraps in to decompose which in turn feeds the rest of the container.

I have to say that is one heck of a deck you have there, very nice!  Adding in all those stairs would make me mental.  Love the look of the epay, I cant afford that but like to look at it :D  Say with an epay deck why are you looking for cedar scraps :D

I was going to replace the PT deck boards on my deck until I priced various other options, and then decided, hey this PT looks nice.  Not really shown in the pictures, but next to the deck is an enclosed/screened in area which is where we hang out, you can see that area above the steps.

I think I fixed all of the code issues, there are no more posts that look like this: 20230505_142607.jpg That is craftsmanship ... poorly notched (and any notching is not allowed to start with), and then held in place with 3 deck screws, not structural screws, but good old snap when they fail deck screws .. brilliant:bulb:
Site Feedback / Re: Knock knock!
Last post by Steeley -
Quote from: Brado – Hello everyone! Been a long time since I've been here. And mostly that is because I was locked out of my account. haha I had setup an authenticator and then lost access to that after a phone change. As well I also stopped using my old domain which I assume my old account is still using the old email since I couldn't use the lost password.

Hope you're not into bitcoin... (at least you can drill into a safe if you lose the combination)  :tongue:
Chit Chat / Re: Reply by Email - filters/parsers & notifications
Last post by rjm -
Quote from: Spuds – 2) If you are not seeing the text, then in notifications you do not have send the body of the message selected. (per user setting)
I believe there is some misunderstanding. The option to include message body sending is set to on.
What I get is:

QuoteA reply has been posted to a topic you are watching by xxx.
View the reply at:
Unsubscribe to this topic by using this link:;sa=unsubscribe;token=2_owXH53Oe6qzFJWjFF9v9seonh3L3TkyuAsqVfNqcIPIqVEilSn5JC_topic_3_1687732810
The text of the reply is shown below:
one more test

Regarding md-support in v2.0 (and already in 1.x from mail: cool.

What I wish is the body just below the op of the message. It seems that v2.0 does exactly that.