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Support / errors with images insert
Last post by augras -

I'm with Elkarte1.1.8 and only 2 addons on this Elkarte (FlarumStyle, MPAAP: Modify Posts At Anytime Permission).

I have these 2 errors, always the same (121) :

Jeudi 02 Décembre 2021, 09:49:17
Type d'erreur: Générale
Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type null
Fichier: /puppy_forum/sources/Load.php
Ligne: 1817
Jeudi 02 Décembre 2021, 09:49:17
Type d'erreur: Non défini
Notice: Undefined index: mod_cache
Fichier: /public_html/
Ligne: 1817

Sometimes the image is insert but some times no : there is the code, for example, at the place of the image
[attach width=80 height=77 align=left type=thumb]199[/attach]

the file is under the post and the image display at this place.

You can see here :;topicseen#new

and here with the same user it works fine but the errors are in the logs :

Thanks for your help,
Support / How to use Matomo
Last post by augras -
I would like to use Matomo but i don't know where insert the code !
To use Matomo a code must be insert and Matomo says "We recommend that you place it immediately before the closing </head> tag.".
But in the index.php there isn't this tag.
Somebody knows how to do with Elkarte ?
Thanck you,
Support / Re: "Missing Key" error on reply-email
Last post by rjm -
Hi, thanks for clarifying,
the message ID is in the header part. So as for test, I now reply without the copy of the message ID in the bode. Should work. This reply is by email. But it appears not to arrive. I just saw that the sender is a "noreply"-address. Hence, reply by email is not activated.

I'll try to analyze what's going wrong in my Elkarte forum setup. Apparently the key is not reflected to the header section as intended in notify emails.
Could you help point to the relevant code?
Support / Re: "Missing Key" error on reply-email
Last post by Spuds -
That message has no ElkArte post by email 'key' in it :(

The key is, in regex speak
Code: [Select]

This translates to a 32 alpha numeric string followed by a - followed by the letter p, t or m and then a sequence of numbers that correspond to the the specific P T or M ... the system will then check if that key was sent to the email that responded.  It will look


That email has the 32 characters, then the - but it NOT followed by a p, t, or m ??? I'm not sure how that is possible, but what it has is 79aaad41a2afc55bd3c1c17717fad46a-22 which will not process.  I'm not sure where to check TBH

Support / Re: "Missing Key" error on reply-email
Last post by rjm -
Thanks for your reply. Elkarte could help me to achieve acceptance  in using a forum (at all) in a small group that communicates mainly via email. Just because Elkarte supports reply and post by email.

Here you are (ending .mbs changed  in .txt, further some details replaced by xxxxx).

EDIT: I have just activated "notity" on this thread - I'd be able to test reply by email using the same mail client.
Support / Re: "Missing Key" error on reply-email
Last post by Spuds -
Could you attach a raw example message that fails so I can take a look at what may be happening? 

If it can't find an ID in the message no auto repair is possible, so that behavior is correct.
Support / "Missing Key" error on reply-email
Last post by rjm -
I have just updated to 1.1.8 (from 1.1.6). Now I'm willing to resolve an email-problem. Reply emails (post by email) can be viewd in the moderator view, but tagged with "Missing Key". Auto repair is not possible.

I'd suggest that the message-ID is shaped like this, visible in the email body when view "all headers and message" is activated.
Message-ID: <744f8fa1bfcf919a924dc845228ac5c5-20@forum.xxxxxx.yy>

I can see that the reply to the forum contains the same ID as the received notification.
I also experimented - without success - by copying the key into the message body directly, since a short code review tells me that the key is searched for in the header section as well as in the mail body.

Hint: Elkarte is not setup to operate with piping option since the mail server does not support this (I assume that piping is recommended simply because of no mailbox polling delay).
I think that the settings for this (in my case: POP3, TLS, port 110) is not specifically interesting, since the emails arrive and can be viewed in de moderate queue.

Is there any log that I can access in order to localize the cause of the problem?

Addons / Re: TinyPortal for Elkarte
Last post by Mc Fly -
Killed a little time in home office.  :D

German formal language pack for TinyPortal for ElkArte V1.0.0 RC3. Installable via package manager.
Bug Reports / Re: [1.0.10] cursor position when using "quote"
Last post by Spuds -
Attached is a test build to see if it fixes the issue for everyone.  Replace the file in /themes/default/scripts (make a copy incase you find this version worse)

Some notes!

- The quote regression error looks like it happened in 1.1.7 when we made some fixes that prevent possible XSS via the editor.  There was really no proof of concept but certainly a weakness we cleaned up.
- Since I will have to spin a new release at some point, I decided to pulled in several improvements from 2.0 into this update, so there could be other bugs, see there is no free lunch here.  The improvements that I recall are:

1) If you selected several lines of text and "list" they would all be in one bullet, now each line will be a bullet
2) Current editor does not work with the quick list item codes, this version should
3) tt/pre should now allow selecting the toolbar icon to end the tag if you are in that tag or start a one otherwise.  Also selecting text in those tags should remove the formatting.  Basically it attempts to make those tags act like native tags bold, italic, etc.  Yes there are still quirks.
4) Misc stuff