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Support / Re: SSL and NON SSL fixing and PHP 7.2
Last post by Burke_Knight -
It appears the domain expired then got bought by someone else.
The new owner seems to be Italian, not German. Feline's language in her profile states German.
So, maybe she decided to drop everything and move onto something else.
Addons / Re: TinyPortal for Elkarte
Last post by tino -
Error 500 is something is wrong.

It was added after the } and before the ?> ?

Should be happy as it’s outside the class scope. Only thing I can think of is it wasn’t in the right place or I’ve missed something obvious.

When I’m back on a pc I’ll upload the file with the change.
Addons / Re: TinyPortal for Elkarte
Last post by tino -
Quote from: Vague Whiner –
Quote from: tino – Adding that to the bottom of TPortal.php should solve the undefined issue

I'm not sure if blind or what, but I cannot find such file ... closest one I could locate is


Nope you're not blind, I was thinking about TinyPortal for SMF.

This line is where you want to add it. After the closing } and before the ?>