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Custom Themes / Re: [custom.css] Elk frozen stars
Last post by cjazz -
I have now managed to get the be-social/frozen stars template operational :)  Next problem I cannot get the header logo to display correctly, the only option that displays the logo is the "Only logo" option which places the logo in the centre of the header. If I select the "Logo on the left option" (the option that I require) the logo does not display.  Any ideas please?
Chit Chat / Re: RAWR!
Last post by radu81 -
Glad to see you around, merry Christmas and happy holiday!
Chit Chat / RAWR!
Last post by IchBin -
Hi everyone! Just doing what seems to be a bi-annual touchdown at the Elkarte site. :)
Looks like everything is still kicking around here which is fantastic. I kind of hoped this forum would take over the world honestly. lol

Things are still strolling fine here.  I did notice a certain trouble maker has stopped by here. Good to see they haven't changed a bit.  :o  Good to see the names I recognize still hanging around. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday!

Custom Themes / Re: [custom.css] Elk frozen stars
Last post by Spuds -
For 1.1, here is the file to use., place it in your themes->default->css->_besocial directory. 

Also for 1.1 and this is *very* important, you will need to edit the index_template.php which is in your themes->default directory.  In that file find at around line 53
Code: [Select]
		'require_font-awesome' => false,
change the false to true
Code: [Select]
		'require_font-awesome' => true,
Custom Themes / Re: [custom.css] Elk frozen stars
Last post by Spuds -
Are you trying this on ElkArte 1.1 or the older 1.0 version? 

FYI that preview image is just a screen capture thumbnail of whatever the theme designer chose, its not really a preview :\