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Feature Discussion / Giphy Support
Last post by Spuds -
Decided to add Giphy support to Elk20, its an editor plugin and server side processing function.  At first I though I could do it all JS, well I could, but that had the problem of exposing a production API key that a site should sign up for.  So instead it uses the server to fetch the items and the plugin to display them in a dropdown box.

Currently in the editor toolbar is the "pinwheel" icon or "hypnosis" icon.  Not sure what to use there.  I tried the offical greyscal Giphy logo and it was just a blob.  Maybe just GIF ?

Anyway select the pinwheel and you will be presented with the trending items, scroll down the list will fetch more as you get towards the end.  Use the search bar to find stuff, and scroll down will fetch more stuff until there is no more stuff.

Give it a try, tart up those posts :D
Addons / [Addon] Turnstile Captcha
Last post by Spuds -
Add Cloudflares Turnstile "CAPTCHA" to your site

Turnstile 4 ElkArte

This ElkArte addon is released under a BSD 3 Clause license, a copy of it with its provisions is included with the package.

Turnstile is a free service from Cloudflare that protects your site from spam and abuse.

Turnstile delivers frustration-free, CAPTCHA-free web experiences to website visitors. Turnstile stops abuse and confirms visitors are real without the data privacy concerns or awful user experience of CAPTCHAs.

To use Turnstile, you need to sign up for an API key pair for your site at . The key pair consists of a site key and secret key. The site key is used to display the widget on your site. The secret authorizes communication between your site and the Turnstile server to verify the user's response.

Repo / Download
Chit Chat / Re: Spuds PC
Last post by Steeley -
Quote from: Burke Knight –
Quote from: Steeley – My apple PC monitor has worms :worm:  (literally, I turned it, and an IBM PC Jr. into planters on the back deck)
You need to take a pic and post it, so can see the "after" version....

Alas, the wife and I came to a compromise about 10 years ago and my part of the deal was to get rid of them. I didn't object too much since nobody new "got it" any more (early on, they either, like you  and spuds, appreciated it right off the bat, or they had no idea what they were /millennials, etc../ and hence no words could convey - "if ya gotta explain, it ain't as funny.." ), plus she had a point - they were getting really scuzzy.  (No children, that's not a SCSI typo, although it could be a pun, I guess, they could never be SCSI..),
I'll have to call my buddy Marc and see if he still has the pictures he took of them about 30 years ago. If he does, I'll post 'em