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Support / Re: Weird SMTP
Last post by Spuds -
It does not matter that you use Softalicious to install, that has no effect on SMTP

Quote from: Hometutor – Also is there a way to test the email besides registering my own emails and checking for a registration email?
Not that it helps, but in 2.0 I added a way to test email ... in 1.1 the best way is what I described above as that service will accept any email no matter how ugly it may be, its purpose is to help you see if you are sending the email, and if so will a "real" mailbox accept it. 

For example .gmail will not accept emails if your PTR record is missing.  .outlook  (business version where the email is from .yerBussiness) is a notorious blocker of email.  Anyway point is to test if its actually sending use the above service.
Bug Reports / Re: Forum Died please help!
Last post by Spuds -
Where did you get your version of tabbed smileys ?  I had made an update to the addon here: but its not on the addon site as its not mine to update.

I don't think that addon makes any theme edits, so once installed it should work on all installed themes.

If you go to install an addon that says use emulation mode, use caution.

Quote from: Denis M. – aying it couldnt run TabbedSmileys.js
Did it say that or that it could not find that file?  Since JS only runs on the browser, thats an odd error to see.

Bug Reports / Re: Forum Died please help!
Last post by Denis M. -
Update: After I reverted the Load.php file to the bugged out version, I was able to get through the frontend error with adding this code to the Settings.php:

// Turn off error reporting
ini_set('display_errors', 0);

After that I visited the package manager again and tried uninstalling the Tabbed Smileys once again but it gave me the same error when clicked saying it couldnt run TabbedSmileys.js

I made a backup of the whole Forum and clicked uninstall anyway, It uninstalled but I am scared that there's gonna be problems like this in the future, I could use any type of advice on what to avoid when installing addons and what mistake did I make ? Or was it the themes fault by it being incompatible ?

Would be very grateful if someone could diagnose this whole issue !

Thanks in advance !
Support / Re: Weird SMTP
Last post by Hometutor -
Sorry for the poor explanation,
It tested okay here but when I removed one of my own email addresses from membership and tried to reregister it with the forum I never received the email. Does it make a difference in some settings if I were to reinstall using Softalicious?

Also is there a way to test the email besides registering my own emails and checking for a registration email?

Bug Reports / Forum Died please help!
Last post by Denis M. -
After adding a couple of Addon packages I was editing the language pack strings and translating when I noticed that it wouldnt update when I hit save on the page, after that I thought that it might be a problem since I had the selected language on English in my profile settings, after going to my profile settings and changing the language to the translated one which I had as the default forum language I got an error of death and now the forum is completely dead and cant do anything anymore after working for a month setting it up I wouldnt want to see it go down the drain, are the addons infected with malware ?

this is the error message I am getting


This is written in the error log:
[12-Jul-2024 18:11:35 Europe/Belgrade] PHP Warning:  Undefined array key "actual_theme_dir" in /home/techsector7/ on line 2535

UPDATE: Oh my heavens, I have no actual idea what happened but I was able to fix it using ChatGPT.... Since the error wasn't caused by anything in particular, and it just popped up suddenly like an hour after adding some addons

I now have a new problem ... I fixed the issue with the theme file edits and wanted to remove the addon since I found out the culprit and now I cant remove it, it's the Tabbed Smileys obviously check this out:


gives me an error when trying to clean it up ... Damn , this is really a big problem now
Support / Re: Weird SMTP
Last post by radu81 -
I'm not sure what you intend with inside or outside the forum, but I guess it's a hosting problem. I used to send all my mail through SMTP and works fine in Elkarte.
Support / Re: Weird SMTP
Last post by Spuds -
I'm not understanding the
Quote from: Hometutor – The test outside of the forum was successful
What actually did work?

When testing I like to use use the provided email to register as a new user (don't use the mail queue, admin approve registrations, etc.) If the site is sending you will see the register email when you click test your score ... may take a minute or two. 

If that site gets the email you will get a score and from that be able to determine if the email is compliant enough to have a chance of being delivered to .gmail or .outlook or ....

25 is a standard port for SMTP
587 is the default mail submission port
465 is the legacy port for SSL.

Of course an ISP can block or restrict those ports requiring authorization.
If you check TLS the system will communicate with encryption to the port you specified (if you don't choose one it will use 25)
Its not uncommon when you are using your local server that the SMTP host is localhost, port 25, TLS, remote is more likely going to use 587
All of this simply adds/accepts the mail for sending/processing, like putting a piece of mail in a physical mailbox.  What happens after that could be anything.
Support / Weird SMTP
Last post by Hometutor -
I decided I'd better start another thread since the Gmail idea didn't go through. Tech for my hosting support helped me get my smtp working. It turns out it needed port 587. The test outside of the forum was successful. Inside the forum I tried to register and I never got the email.

Has anyone had this experience where smpt works outside the forum but not inside? I did read the other smtp issue but I don't think the problems are related.


PS Here's a weird addendum: Another forum I setup I used Softalicious to install. I had a little trouble with smtp and oddly enough port 25 ended up working. However, some of you may recall I had resource issues with that one and I thought it may be related to using Softalicious to install the forum.

This one I installed by hand and nothing I do will get emails to work even after the techs changed to port 587.
Support / Re: Setting up SMTP Mailing service
Last post by Steeley -
Keep your notes, because at some point when it stops working, you'll want to get things configured "correctly" to be sure the problem isn't related to the "misconfiguration" that is "working anyway" at the moment..
Support / Re: Using Gmail for the admin account?
Last post by Steeley -
Quote from: Hometutor –
Thank you, I thought I'd read something about this

"Less secure apps & your Google Account
Starting on September 30, 2024, less secure apps, third-party apps, or devices that have you sign in with only your username and password will no longer be supported for Google Workspace accounts. For exact dates, visit Google Workspace Updates. To continue to use a specific app with your Google Account, you’ll need to use a more secure type of access that doesn’t share password data. Learn how to use Sign in with Google.

If an app or site doesn’t meet our security standards, Google might block anyone who’s trying to sign in to your account from it. Less secure apps can make it easier for hackers to get in to your account, so blocking sign-ins from these apps helps keep your account safe.'

As what I feared...  :nerd:

Cool, so GOOGLE just forbids anyone from signing into a Gmail account unless they are using a "GOOGLE-specification" OAUTH2-compliant secure client...    :rolleyes:
That wouldn't be so bad if they used the same "secure" criteria as everyone else, but nooo... [quote OUR Security Standards unquote] they're GOOGLE, your client must meet their unique standards, in addition to everyone else's.

So Google joins Apple in becoming The Platform For The Rest Of Them[TM] (You must use only zee programz we approve and allow!) :zany_face:

BTW, I believe this will also apply to email you want to send to a Gmail account, not just log into a gmail account.. if the email didn't originate from an approved client, off to bit heaven it will go.. (I do not think SPF/DKIM/TLS by itself is going to be sufficient for email to Google , if now, certainly not for long .. )

For the record, EA works fine and will continue to work fine if your own host's mailserver supplies SPF or DKIM (and most should, and do) - since your host's mailserver knows the mail is coming off its own box.. I certainly wouldn't want to press for EA to dive into that black hole and try to accommodate that function on its own.