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Re: Changes to language strings

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They are already in Post.english,php.  :o

Re: Changes to language strings

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Yep, the only thing changed is the case of the first word, from "w" to "W".

Re: Changes to language strings

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In 1.0.10 there will be a (small) bunch of new strings, they are not yet on transifex[1].
Here they are.

Code: [Select]
$txt['attachment_autorotate'] = 'Detect and fix improperly rotated images';

Code: [Select]
$helptxt['attachment_autorotate'] = 'Selecting this option will allow the system to detect rotated images, typical of phone cameras, and automatically adjust the orientation such that the image top is oriented up.';

Code: [Select]
$txt['profile_warning_effect_moderate'] = 'All users posts will be moderated.';

ETA: I'm a bit sleepy, isn't transifex auto-updating the list when master is update?
If so it's just a matter of wait... or maybe not... Heck I forgot how it works! :'(

@Spuds Seems like the smiley isn't parsed? :)
I'll try to upload them after I finish this message

Re: Changes to language strings

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The "usual" problem with the footnotes. I thought I solved it a while ago, but popped up again... :-\
a note

Re: Changes to language strings

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'All users posts will be moderated.'

I imagine that should be something like "All of this user's posts" ;)

(or otherwise "all user posts")

Re: Changes to language strings

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I think this topic is not actual, right?  ;)

Re: Changes to language strings

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Where does it say that? I only see "Updated Topics" (under new posts)

Re: Changes to language strings

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Maybe you missunderstood. This topic should show all changes to language strings for new versions/updates/upgrades, which makes it much easier for translators like I am. I can't work with Transifex, it hates me.  ;)  But I fear we lost the actuality here in this topic a while ago.

Re: Changes to language strings

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I don't think we changed anything since 1.0.10. :P (Unless I forgot, of course.)

For 1.1 is quite difficult to give a list (actually I would say unrealistic), the best offer is upload the 1.0 translation to the 1.1 repo at transifex and download the result, this should give you all the translated strings back leaving untranslated all the new ones and the changed ones (although I'm, not sure about the changed).

It's not I'm turning down your help, but please consider it's not really feasible to note down in a topic each and every string that changes during development of a minor/major version by hands. Both because strings may change multiple times, people may forget to track and another 100 reasons or so.

Of course, I'm not saying transifex is perfect (on the contrary, I myself don't like it that much), but at the moment it's the only tool we have available for the job (and despite even my own personal preferences it does the job pretty well in terms of features: we have API we can use to fetch and automatically build new packages, it automatically updates from the github repository when strings change, it shows changed strings in the UI, shows alerts on problematic translations, etc. the user interface is indeed somehow lacking, no doubts).
If you or anyone else have a better proposal, feel free to talk about it. ;)

The only solution I may think at this moment is:
1) we have the 1.1 repo at transifex,
2) we create a new "version" in the download translations section here at
3) you download the packages from there.

Re: Changes to language strings

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I'll just drop in here that I've heard some good things about (but I've never used it).

Transifex is okay. The notifications of changes, the concordance and the suggestions based on similar previously translated strings are useful, but I imagine any half-decent translation system offers that.

Re: Changes to language strings

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Features wise seems to be comparable to transifex, @Jorin if you have time feel free to give it a try (there are quite a bit of projects, you can drop a translation or two to get the feeling), it's useless to change without knowing if it is be good or not. :)

Re: Changes to language strings

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Okay, I will test it on the coming weekend.

Re: Changes to language strings

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I'm still having a bit of a hard time setting up properly transifex for 1.1, I thought I did a while ago, but apparently I messed up the pushing of changes, so I'll have to test it out a bit.
In the meantime, translations on will still be for 1.0... sigh.
Well, it happens, I'll try to document things, so next time we will be prepared...


Re: Changes to language strings

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1.1.2 is coming, there are some new strings, I don't have them handy, sorry.
Will post them during next week.