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Support / Re: Some addons can not be installed
Last post by ahrasis -
I am not sure what were your true issues there but you should try @badmonkey's advise first.

Most of us are using 1.1.3 installation without much problems. I only detected and reported filemtime issue which is already noted and should be fixed in 1.1.4.

Another way that I can think is that, if you have proper backup of current files and database, try to upload and extract the whole 1.1.3 files, overwriting the current files and see whether that fixed your issues.
Bug Reports / Re: {REALNAME} not interpreted in notification emails
Last post by radu81 -
I get an error when mentioning a member if I do that edit:

Code: [Select]
Warning: Illegal offset type in /public/sources/subs/MentionType/MentionMessageAbstract.php on line 205

Warning: Illegal offset type in /public/sources/subs/MentionType/MentionMessageAbstract.php on line 205

and line 205 is
Code: [Select]
 $langs[$users_data[$user]['lngfile']] = $users_data[$user]['lngfile'];

The email sent is empty, no subject and no text.
Support / Re: Icons right on a topic doesn't work
Last post by augras -
Thank you Jason for your answer.
The others icons works for you ? On the screen shot the topics are locked but i can't unlocked by a click on the icon.
OpenImporter / MyBB to ElkArte OpenImporter Tutorial
Last post by Jason -
I recently switched from MyBB to ElkArte and it went smooth for me. Thought of sharing the steps here, so that it will be useful for others.

If you have the backup of MyBB database:

1) Install a fresh copy of ElkArte in your root directory either by uploading the files using FTP client or using Softaculous.

2) Once done, do the same for MyBB by installing it in any folder of your liking.

ex: (where ElkArte is installed) and (where your MyBB is installed)

3) Now go to phpAdmin from cPanel and choose the MyBB database file.

4) Now click Import tab and upload your backup MyBB database.

5) Once done, close the phpAdmin and go to cPanel.

6) Now is the important part where you give rights to users to access both database.

7) Click SQL database in cPanel and go to the section “Add User to Database” and add MyBB user to ElkArte database and ElkArte user to MyBB database.

8) Now download a copy of the OpenImporter from ElkArte. []

9) Extract the files to a folder and upload the openimporter folder to your root directory.

10) After that run the openimporter by using the following link []

11) The importer will run and in the page choose your MyBB version (1.6 or 1.8)

12) After that, in the next page in "Path to destination” let the path be “/public_html” and for “Path to MyBB 1.8" be “/public_html/mybb. If the path are right both will turn green and you are good to go.

13) Now enter the database password of ElkArte (if you don’t remember, get the password from settings.php)

14) Click the Advanced options to choose what you like to import. After that click the “Continue” button.

If you have set everything right, the import of MyBB to ElkArte will take place and it will be done depending upon the database size (I believe xD)

These are the steps I followed and it worked perfectly, if you have queries or anything needs to be modified kindly let me know.
Support / Re: Some addons can not be installed
Last post by Mrs. Chaos -
All necessary directories and folders are writable. It has to be something else.
I also have a test forum installed (a direct installation with the and in it all addons could be installed without problems. Only in my main forum I have problems now. Strange. :o

I also tried it with changing the directory owner from "FTP user" to "PHP user" for the installations, but that didn't help.
Can I install the addons somehow manually?

The image shows the before and after of a try to install the FancyBox.

Test Erfolgreich = test successful
Änderungs-Ausführungsfehler = Error while making the change
Support / Re: Some addons can not be installed
Last post by badmonkey -
Be sure all files and subdirectories are also 777. The installation errors are likely caused by similar issues. File edits or file insertions cannot take place because the file or directory is not writeable. 

The installation procedure should include a link to show more about which files or directories it cannot write. Fix these, refresh, and the installation should work.  ;)