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Bug Reports / Re: Special characters in Editor language file
Last post by Ruth -
I assume other languages have similar things.

The german ä, ü and ö are displayed in the tooltips, but I have another problem:

There is no string for "description (optional)" in Editor.english.php, so I cannot translate it and this text for inserting a link is displayed in english. There are only very simular strings for inserting images in the language files.

asd asd

Maybe something has to be changed in GenericControls.template.php?

For example this line there is showing an 'en_US'

Code: [Select]
locale: "', !empty($editor_context['locale']) ? $editor_context['locale'] : 'en_US', '",

I cannot find "locale" in the language files, just for example this string: $txt['lang_locale'] = 'de_DE.utf8';

So maybe 'en_US' has to be replaced with 'de_DE.utf8' in GenericControls.template.php?
Bug Reports / Special characters in Editor language file
Last post by Acido -

I have noticed any "special" character you insert into the Editor language file does not parse properly even if the file is indeed UTF8.

I am talking mainly about the hover tooltips for example danish language makes use of the chars "æ, ø, å" but it does not show up correctly. I assume other languages have similar things.
Localization / Re: Download langs page
Last post by Acido -
2) Changed that 1.0.4 to 1.0.10.  Note that is just a hard coded value of dubious use, but at least it current now.  At some point it would be good to pull the %complete values or such from transifex so that could be shown as well.

Any chance you could update this again to 1.1 repo? it still sends you 1.0.10 language files even though we're at 1.1.3 now.
OpenImporter / Re: [SMF 2.1] Importer
Last post by bigguy -
What version of 2.1 does this work with. Is it up to date. I just ask because of the date on the last post. (Hello all, first post)
Bug Reports / Re: Attacment problem (zip, rar)
Last post by gevv -
Replace topic.js test ok.  click the link and wait for a while to download the file .  How an icon looks instead of "asd"   or file name instead of icon  

 thanks @emanuele

as for me should not be  insert compressed files, only picture files insert