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Feature Discussion / Re: EU and the GDPR
Last post by badmonkey -
Why not make it part of the registration agreement, then if the Admin ever changes it, every user must choose to resign or inactivate their account? That's pretty much what the "big" sites do isn't it? Far simpler, every active user is always current, and no need storing a separate agreement for every user.  ;)
Feature Discussion / Re: EU and the GDPR
Last post by bea -
Another thought: we have an agreement that hast to be signed during registration. This agreemet holds information that is to some degree redundat to the contents of the DSGVO declaration. Formally this part pof the information needs to be mapped 1:1. It is mandatory that details of the DSGVO relevant info is identical. So why not merge those to files and maybe also add the imprint (AFAIK it is legal to merge Imprint and GDPR declarion in one file).  This would allow to maintain this info in one spot.

(I am going to do doing thisat least temporary because i want to go online with the upgraded forum this night.)
OpenImporter / Re: OpenImporter FAQ ? SMF 2.0.15 to Elkarte problems
Last post by bea -
Please let me answer myself: success again - apparently; the database is not the smallest as the site has been established 12 years ago. I searched the web, and the following approach worked for me. In this case the databse is named tgf_db and the table prefix is tgf_

Maybe an optional cleanup step in openimporter?

Code: [Select]
use [b]tgf_db[/b];


SET @del = (
    FROM        information_schema.TABLES

    WHERE       TABLE_SCHEMA = 'tgf_db'
    AND         TABLE_NAME LIKE 'tgf_%'

PREPARE stmt FROM @del;
Addons / Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal
Last post by Spuds -
I have the "disabled guest access" issue corrected on my local.  I'll push updates for this and the visibility profile wildcard issue mentioned above later today.
OpenImporter / Re: OpenImporter FAQ ? SMF 2.0.15 to Elkarte problems
Last post by bea -
Unfortunately, I didn't have time to look after OI and be sure it works for 1.1.

I know...

... it failed on 1.1.13.
But meanwhile i almost succeeded going back to 1.0.10 and then upgrading.
I "just" need to delete the old smf tables from the database.
Is there an easy SQL for this? My old experience with Fortran IV and C is not very helpful in this respect ;-)
Support / Re: Upgrading from 1.0.10 to 1.1.x doesn't work
Last post by emanuele -
That's likely why you are using a theme that is not the default and that has not been designed for 1.1.
Anyway, there is always repair_settings (attached there is the latest version from github), you should be able to use it to fix the theme issue.
Addons / Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal
Last post by Mc Fly -
Has anyone tested the portal with disabled guest access?  ;)

There is an undefined error in Portal.Subs.php at line 34.
Support / Re: Footer links
Last post by Ruth -
Thank you!  :)

I did it that way now, because the  | were getting too small or too large, if they are anywhere else:

Code: [Select]
	theme_copyright(), '
<li class="copyright"> | <a href="">Text</a></li><li class="copyright"> | <a href="">Text2</a></li>',