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Custom Themes / Re: Any way to install multiple Themes easy?
Last post by Darkijah - JesusGod-Pope666.Info -
You know in the old days we broke things and we did not have any need of any anoying warning popups. Just part of the use of things.
Anyway... Just my oppinion.

In the old days you broke things then complained there were no warnings stopping you from breaking things.

Nope! Always hated unnesary popups and more clicks so please don't lay your opinion on sanity. Thanks.
Theme development / Re: SVG icons: how are you supposed to change fill colour?
Last post by Antechinus -
Here's a screenshot of the markup from Kiwi/Android...


And here's the same from Firefox/Windows 10...


On FF/W10 Stylus is functioning normally, injecting its own style tag last. On Kiwi/Android that style tag is missing from here.

But, I just had the bright idea of checking with dev tools on my online SMF 2.0.x test site, where Stylus works normally on Kiwi/Android. That has the "didomi" style tag and the Stylus style tags both working, so the "didomi" tag* doesn't appear to be the problem on Something else must be causing the issue here.

*The "didomi" style tag appears to be something injected by Kiwi, and I think it's to do with this:

Which seems fairly harmless, as you can opt out of everything in Settings if you want to.
Site Feedback / Re: Image attachment won't upload.
Last post by Spuds -
Its been an annoyance since we moved to the new server.  Its a one click fix from the ACP to get them working again but I'm not sure why its not happening auto-magically.  Of course I've not spent any time looking into it either :P