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Support / Re: Changing account details and encountering an error ?
Last post by Denis M. -
Hey Spuds!

Yeah it was pretty weird since the theme seemed pretty up to date at first glance, thanks that would be great for anyone wishing to use that theme :)

Though I was wondering not sure if I should be opening a new topic but while were here, could I get some suggestions if there's any theme resembling the Silence theme as in a darker color scheme altogether or if I could open up a suggestion regarding that in a board with a topic if someone could design some more dark colored / black background theme schemes, since darker colored backgrounds offer easier reading pressure for the eyes I think that would be great for readers/visitors/webmasters  :smiley:
Support / Re: Changing account details and encountering an error ?
Last post by Spuds -
Looks like you found your answer ...

Themes are notorious for not "keeping up" with the core, although the issue you have shown in your screen shot seems really odd.   Normally a custom  theme does not support a new feature, but in this case the current password field has been around for a decade or more!  I'll try to take a look at that and see if there is a simple fix I can provide.
Support / Re: Changing account details and encountering an error ?
Last post by Spuds -
There should be a field at the very bottom of that form that says Current Password ... you need to fill that out as a security measure.  Those other two password fields are in the when you want to change your password (and you would still need to enter your current one in that current password field.

Its really intended for the event where you don't logout to prevent someone from pranking you.  Normally not a issue when its your computer, but if using a public access point and you forget to logout it could be a problem.
Support / Changing account details and encountering an error ?
Last post by Denis M. -
Hello there Elkartians! Wasn't too sure if I should be opening a topic for every problem related issue but my guess is that it may help future users and webmasters in solving the same issue if encountered

The issue is when trying to change General account settings, first selection when hovering or clicking on the profile name.

While trying to edit account settings I am presented with a message that these options contain sensitive information and that I will be required to enter my current password, the issue is that even after entering my current password into one of the suggested password fields I guess those were for changing the account password EG: ''Choose a password'' and ''Confirm password" nothing happens, not even a new popup showing a field where the password might need to be entered ?

How would I go on about resolving this issue ? Could this be a theme related issue ?

Thanks in advance!
Support / Strange checkmark appearing above quoted text in replies ?
Last post by Denis M. -
Greetings Elkartians! I seem to be running into some kind of issue! Namely my forums are currently in the process of soon to be opened and while testing everything and going through all the options I am encountering a bug related to the quote system  :huh:

As you can see in the picture provided there seems to be some kind of checkmark appearing above and going through quotes, what could this be and how would I be able to fix this issue ? My thoughts were to just delete and disable the whole quote system, but I guess I would give it a try and asking here first :)


Any help would be much appreciated since a quote system is a huge part of a working forum community  !

Thanks in advance !  :rotating_light:
Chit Chat / Re: What can Lightning do for you?
Last post by Spuds -
Quote from: Zioclive – Wow  :embarrassed:  . I hope nobody's been hurt...
Thanks ... Everyone (non electronic:electric_plug:) is fine :D

But I do have another item I forgot to list ... it took out the HVAC system (various control panels). Fortunately the repair company was feeling kind and did not report this as a act of God and instead gave me a under warranty repair.  Those control boards are 1K each to the home owner (bit of a markup ya know), so that was solid of them.