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Feature Discussion / Re: New Registration - EMail Default Option
Last post by Arantor -
The reason such things have been talked down for the last decade both here and on the progenitor forum to this one: this is likely to have consequences.

Cheaper hosting options have limits on the number of emails that can go out per site - I don’t know if anyone is still as low as 240 per day but I hate certainly seen it be that low in the past. And that’s *all* emails from the site - email approval, forgot password etc.

And of course, higher rates of email going out increases the chance that the sending server can be blacklisted for “spam”.

I also submit that on even a modestly busy forum, an email per post is actually rather aggravating, based on my experience of having been on forums that did do this.
Feature Discussion / Re: New Registration - EMail Default Option
Last post by Steeley -
Since radu81 is going to be annoying with his "feature insistence"  ;D   I'll follow his lead and be ready to duck.. 

Adding an option for a new user, during registration,  to select receiving email copies of posts would be way-cool.

A little differently than I described earlier (in this thread) might be simpler (or maybe not)..

During registration, a "radio-button":

  • I want Email Copies of All Posts
  • I'll select which Email Copies I want
  • No Email Copies (I can select email copies later)

All posts enables email in all topics (I believe the system will not send emails in topics the user isn't authorized for as default)
Select Emails sends the user to their Profile / Notifications screen following registration completion
No Email just continues with the registration process.

Most of my users came from a distribution list and/or forum with email which they are used to, but it's not obvious that emailed topics are optional but not default, and many don't sign up for email after registration is completed, and ... they don't come back (thinking there's no new posts? We're old farts - out of sight, out of mind - and discussion notifications in email are helpful.).   

We're trying to build communities, and if everyone signs up and then goes to their rooms with the door closed, I end up with a forum with lots of registered users but little interaction.  :P

My other thought was a big ol button on the Community Page [EMAIL] next to the [New Posts] [New Replies] buttons, that takes them to their Profile/Notifications screen. That might be the cheapest and dirtiest way to address the phenomenon.
(heck - someone pop some code for that at me and I'll shut up about it and you can focus on nurf-stoning radu81  ;) )

Custom Themes / Re: Any way to install multiple Themes easy?
Last post by JesusGod-Pope666.Info -
You know in the old days we broke things and we did not have any need of any anoying warning popups. Just part of the use of things.
Anyway... Just my oppinion.

In the old days you broke things then complained there were no warnings stopping you from breaking things.

Nope! Always hated unnesary popups and more clicks so please don't lay your opinion on sanity. Thanks.