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Exterminated Features / Re: jump to top
Last post by emanuele -
I feel bad asking so many questions here, especially as everything is run by volunteers.[/qoute]
Don't worry, worst case nobody answers! :P
However there seems to be no proper user manual except a list of menu items and a short description. Having written computer manuals many decades ago however I know how much work is involved!
Known fact developers do not like to write documentation. xD

Maybe when I know what I am doing, I can contribute to a manual or FAQ?  Meanwhile my questions continue alas. I will keep them one to a post.
That would be great!
The wiki at github is currently the best place to contribute documentation.
OpenImporter / Re: Hi I'm new and need information
Last post by brianelk -
@Jason thanks for the suggestion. It seems OI has to be in the same directory as the forum then. I'll look at that, thanks.

@emanuel you have clearly given my transfer issue a lot of thought. Thank you. My skills are limited as regards databases. I wonder if I wouldn't be better off using a free relational database manager on my PC to simply extract the actual post contents and make them available to my users as a read-only archive as it is the content itself they want. Pity Microsoft Access isn't still around, I could use that!
Support / Re: Smilies
Last post by brianelk -
Good idea. But having got Emanuele's instructions I sussed it out. I had to find some very large smilies as individual images [most seem supplied as a sheet] then use Photoshop to resize each one. Then ftp them to my host then use the Add Smilie tool to set the code and name for each one, one at a time. Phew.

I can tell that the developers scorn smilies and only grudgingly provide them. However my users love 'em and the customer is always right. O:-)
Support / Re: Smilies
Last post by scripple -
You can also just let the browser scale up (or down) the existing smileys.  Add some simple css.

Code: [Select]
img.smiley { vertical-align:middle; height: 20px;}

Set the height to whatever you want.  I used to have a page that let people set it to their choice and stored the setting in a cookie so you could have different sizes on difference devices.