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Chit Chat / Re: 1.1.5 - is it stable?
Last post by Jorin -
No, I didn't because of two error messages while updating to 1.1.4 which I have to investigate first. The package manager can't find two code lines in two files I never had changed.
Support / Re: Php 7.2
Last post by badmonkey -
Going out on a limb here. Made to leap to php7.3. So far, so good.  8)
Chit Chat / Re: 1.1.5 - is it stable?
Last post by ahrasis -
Seems like you already upgraded in other post of yours. Anyway I consider any released 1.1 branch as stable and prefer to use the lates of it though I am really testing it these days. Just report any bugs if you found one.
Support / Re: Is it possible to prevent guests from sending the admins a personal message?
Last post by emanuele -
Guests technically are not allowed to send "PMs" as such.

Guests can send messages to the admins if the contact form is enabled for sure (it's a setting, I don't remember exactly where it is, sorry I have to check, but if you search contact in the admin panel you should find it).
Then likely if the guests are allowed to send "emails" to the users (it's a permission).

Apart from that I don't remember any other entry point for guests.
Support / Re: Database Bakup
Last post by Zioclive -
I think there isn't nothing special in the erros log just "Notice: php_uname() has been disabled for security reasons"

the database downloaded from phpmyadmin is 28 mb (unzipped)
Versione MySQL: 5.6
Yes, sorry, I'm having troubles from the elk admin panel.

Anyway i'ts not so important I can use phpmyadmin .

I'll get you informed if I'll have some good news.