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Bug Reports / Re: EMail Replies to the EA forum
Last post by Steeley -
Quote from: Spuds – I will say I lost some brain cells trying to convert Yahoo data to MySql

Um..yea.. I hear ya.. it hurts just thinking what I went through trying to massage the yahoo contents (messages, users, relationships, etc..) into a database format the forum could import and use - finally abandoned the effort, converted 20 years of yahoo messaging repackaged in a db3 container to html (db2html - cool free program) and created an "archive" board with one locked topic - contains a link to the html package on the server..  not the most elegant solution but suffices and allowed my few remaining synapses to cool off.  Like radu81 intimated, I had 'other things to do" that I loosely categorize as "life".
Addons / Re: [ADDON][beta] Topic Prefix
Last post by Steeley -
Long long ago, my grandfather had a sign in the back of his store that said:
Code: [Select]
"How come we never have time to do the task right, but we can find the time to do it over?" 

I think the technical term is "proceeding at risk:.. :fingers_crossed::fingers_crossed:
Bug Reports / Re: EMail Replies to the EA forum
Last post by Spuds -
Quote from: Steeley – if nothing else it helps keep Spuds on his toes with the ever-changing email protocols
Very true LOL

The reason ElkArte supports PBE/List server like functionality, is that It was a capability I  needed it to transition a Yahoo group to a Forum platform, just like Steeley said.  Members would not move if they could not get/reply all via email, it was just what they were used to.

I did this many years before Yahoo shut down groups, I think around the time they moved to their Neo? version of groups.  I also transitioned a few other Yahoo groups to forums at the end of Yahoo.  I will say I lost some brain cells trying to convert Yahoo data to MySql
Addons / Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal
Last post by Spuds -
I did change that line in version 1.0.2 (to be released soon) .... I guess you are running 1.0.1?

Change line 61 and 62 to be
Code: [Select]
	defined('SPORTAL_VERSION') || define('SPORTAL_VERSION', '1.0.1');
defined('SPORTAL_STALE') || define('SPORTAL_STALE', 'sp101');

And see if that clears up the error

Addons / Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal
Last post by Burke_Knight -
Now I'm getting this error, and inability to get into most settings in admin panel:

Burke Knight
Today at 03:29:21 PM
Type of error: General
Warning: Constant SPORTAL_VERSION already defined
File: /sources/subs/Portal.subs.php
Line: 61

When even try to get to Current Theme settings:
An Error Has Occurred
Constant SPORTAL_VERSION already defined
Addons / Re: [ADDON][beta] Topic Prefix
Last post by radu81 -
To be honest, until a few months ago I always had a copy of my forum as test, and I used to test everything there and not on my live site, but this is a messy period for me [1] and I don't have much time to dedicate. I had to free some space on my VPS and I deleted the tests environments. 
I work 4 days/week and the other 3 days I work in my future house which is in renovation. I really have limited time to dedicate on other activities, just to give an example, last time I turned on the TV was probably for Christmas. When I work at my house I often finish at 8 pm, sometimes even later at 10pm. I also asked the next week as "vacation" but I'm not sure they will accept my request. anyway I hope to finish this year...
Addons / Re: [ADDON][beta] Topic Prefix
Last post by Steeley -
Quote from: radu81 – ..
And yes, I installed it on my live forum :embarrassed: . I do have daily backups and I hope to never use them.

You sound like a couple of C++ programmers I know - I've made a special note to never give them fissionable material, because they too know no fear..

(In the FAA's case, they were supposedly trying to "sync the production server back up with the back up server" {take note}, when they crashed the production server.  I strongly suspect the whole thing stemmed from an effort to incorporate a bunch of "woke" changes that were scheduled to be implemented around that same time (renaming "Notice To Airmen" to "Notice to Air Mission", "cockpit" to "flight deck" etc.  Crashing the system is a small price to pay, I assume, to assure nobody might be offended by legacy terms and etymologies they don't understand or can tolerate). 

But you have given Spuds a warm-fuzzy, showing you trust his craftsmanship more than he does..:wink:
Bug Reports / Re: EMail Replies to the EA forum
Last post by Steeley -
Quote from: Ruth – You want another reply here, Steeley?

I will never ever activate this feature,  :wink:
because I think, members should log in on forum,
if they want to communicate with others and take part.

No need for another post Ruth - turned out this time my reply email fail-to-post was a one-off (and may well have been related to a "loose nut on my keyboard" - I didn't keep a copy of the reply email to see what, if anything, I might have done wrong, so I can't rule that out).

Email participation for my forum was a requirement, since I was porting a yahoo group that was being shut down by the list owner and most of the members participated via email.  Also high on the list was the member's ability to opt-in/out of topics (which Yahoo didn't support). ElkArte was the only acceptable platform I could identify.
(There was another I spun my wheels on for about 6 months that supposedly directly supported Yahoo groups, but turned out to have a fatal bug that rendered that email function useless, that the developers had no interest in addressing. As it turned out, Yahoo eventually just shut down their whole groups platform so I guess they were prudent in abandoning that support anyway. And since it was a complete bloated CMS system and I only needed a part of it, EA was much simpler to install and configure, thusly much more perfect for my needs).

I assume most folks just log in here to see what's going on, maybe prompted by received emailed posts from the platform that they've selected - and mostly I also do that here, but I occasionally do an email reply .. if nothing else it helps keep Spuds on his toes with the ever-changing email protocols.. :grin: