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Feature Discussion / ElkArte as blog commnets?
Last post by pdp-7 -
Probably discussed before but couldn't find anything so asking ...

Has anyone used ElkArte as blog comments? If so how was it for you?

I'm looking for a forum that I can use both as a forum but also as blog comments.

Addons / Re: Multi Tenancy - Multi Forums Via Various Domains In A Single Installation
Last post by ahrasis -
I think I will be doing modification to Bootstrap.php for this addon, create a .tenancy folder[1]to set a settings file for each tenancy url[2]in order to allow each tenant to have their own sub forums either based on url or path/directory/folder or both.[3]

I already tested some of the code to ensure that page creation speed remain the same with the current version, if not better.

I do found some diffculty in liasing with nginx as the addon will need to add other url in the nginx vhost in order to allow access to the added tenancy url. This could be difficult if one do not have access to server terminal or advanced control panel, so for this part I am not sure on how to handle it yet, except by manually adding the permitted url in the nginx vhost file.
I think it should be ok to use a 644 permission for this.
If just url e.g. or if using folder e.g.
The current one is based on url alone and cannot use folder.