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Support / Error on profil info
Last post by augras -
Hi, when i click on Profil info i get
Code: [Select]
syntax error, unexpected 'administrateur' (T_STRING)
Each item in this menu works.
Is it possible it is because of the translation ? Nothing change since yesterday, just the tranlation pack.
Custom Themes / Re: [Theme] Separation
Last post by Mrs. Chaos -
Not everything of this theme is displayed correctly in EA version 1.1.3. Will it be updated soon to 1.1.x ? That would be great.
The same applies to the theme "Storm Cloud". But this works much better with the 1.1.3 than the "Separation".
Bug Reports / Re: Upgrade 1.0.x to 1.1.3 does not work
Last post by emanuele -
hmm... difficult to say anything.
I don't see any syntax error in 1.1.3 upgrade.
And I don't see any change in the upgrade file (just a fix for a could of queries) that could justify such an error (apart from the fact I can't find the any error message similar to that one).

I'll investigate (likely on Monday, today and tomorrow I'm basically off).
Support / Re: Personal Messaging
Last post by emanuele -
Yes, but at least we are narrowing down the problems.
Now, could you explain me exactly what settings did you change? So that I can investigate what kind of relation there is?
Thanks! :D
Bug Reports / Re: {REALNAME} not interpreted in notification emails
Last post by emanuele -
 emanuele blames... someone! O:-)

In /sources/subs/MentionType/MentionMessageAbstract.php, the following two lines:
Code: [Select]
				$langstrings = $this->_loadStringsByTemplate($template, $members, $members_data, $lang_files, $replacements);
$replacements['REALNAME'] = $members_data[$member]['real_name'];
should be:
Code: [Select]
				$replacements['REALNAME'] = $members_data[$member]['real_name'];
$langstrings = $this->_loadStringsByTemplate($template, $members, $members_data, $lang_files, $replacements);
Support / Re: Personal Messaging
Last post by jbandsma -
Yes I saw your message, it was fine. But that is on THIS particular site. I went ahead and turned off email to all groups but global moderators and admin and it's working. So far.

I'm a little confused on some of the other things but will manage.
Bug Reports / {REALNAME} not interpreted in notification emails
Last post by radu81 -
A member just reported that from notification by email from mentions and likes REALNAME is displayed instead of the member name. I initially thought it was related to translations but everything seems translated fine. So in my profile I changed language from Italian to English and here is what I received :

Code: [Select]

this email is to to inform you that test1 has just has liked the message at Skoda Club Italia.

 Il team di Skoda Club Italia.

As you can see there is mixed content, in English and also Italian.