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Localization / Re: German language files (informal) for 1.1.9
Last post by Ruth -

I dared to try this changings now. This section for creating rules is there now  and it seems to work.
But I cannot complete this action with rules and labels completly.
The name of the rule has to be now in such [NAME] if i create a new one? (see screenshot)


There is another error now in the log in PersonalMessage.controller.php on line 2186
it says: Warning: A non-numeric value encountered
Code: [Select]
if ($type === 'lab' && (!isset($this->_req->post->labdef[$ind]) || !isset($context['labels'][$this->_req->post->labdef[$ind] - 1])))

Bug Reports / Re: ElkArte 1.1.9 - Possible to change the number of posts in account settings?
Last post by Steeley -
Thanks Ruth! I've been waiting for someone to post in this topic again so I could try to reply via email and see if it fails in this topic again..

If it doesn't post again, I think I know what might be causing it. But if it does post, I'll just blame the f'up fairy passing through earlier and forget about it..

[My original reply was speculating that the ability to change the number of member posts was specifically for manually adjusting post counts after migration.]


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